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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting in sync with your body is amazing

Getting in sync with your body is amazing. I am now able to predict my periods to the DAY. This may not seem like much (or maybe it's TMI for those sensitive souls out there) but that means I can also predict the other parts of my menstrual cycle.
 I can predict when I'm going to get PMS. (<-- a="" and="" b="" big="" c="" depressed="" food="" get="" i="" it="" on="" one="" out="" p="" s="" take="" that=""> I can predict when I'm going to start craving sugar more.
 I can predict when I'll have less energy, or more energy and then plan my work outs accordingly.

If I can track my menstrual cycle I can plan on what I can eat to stop me from cramping (so badly).
I can even plan what I'm going to wear.
I can predict a bigger number on the scale and I can tell myself to relax.
I can even predict how thirsty I might get.

Listening to my body is definitely key.
I wake up in the morning and I assess, "How do I feel today? Tired? Achy? Energetic? Heavy? Sluggish? Light? Does my hip hurt? Does my right foot feel great?" etc

When I eat I pay attention to how I feel afterwards (learning that after the lactose intolerant reveal)." Does this food make me feel good or horrible afterwards?" " Did my stomach hate that cookie?" "Oh wow I feel great after organic protein bar!"

It's a good practice to have. That way I can remember how I feel and either stay away from certain foods (like sugar and the office candy section) or try something good again (like stretching after swimming).

It may seem like common sense but I don't think I'm alone when I say I just don't do it most of the time. You're so busy, you're always looking for the quick fix or the "it tastes good right now" that we don't stop to pay attention to our bodies.

It's time to pay attention now.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Weigh In.. No, Measure In

I've decided that I would give the scale a break and focus on measurements. Yes, I've done this before with little success but I have a new mind set on it now so I'm going to try again. Every Monday I not only weigh in but I also measure my bust, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and arms. I have a nice history now and it's interesting where I lose inches first, middle and last.

It's no surprise that my waist has been having the toughest time to lose anything but that is the life of a PCOS woman--belly fat is the hardest to get rid of and the most important to lose.

So here it is:

Last Monday's measurements:

Arms: 14.25" (Left), 14.25 (Right)
Thighs: 26" (L), 25.5" (R)
Calves: 15.75" (L), 15.75" (R)

Bust: 45"
Waist: 41.75"
Hips: 47"

Today's measurements:

Arms: 14" (L), 14 (R)
Thighs: 25.75" (L), 25.25" (R)
Calves: 15.75" (L), 15.5" (R)

Bust: 45"
Waist: 41.5"
Big belly + skinny legs= not cool
Hips: 46.5"

I've lost 1/4 inch on my arms, thighs, right calf, and waist. I lost 1/2 inch on my hips. All of this is great news.
The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that my right and left legs are different sizes. My right leg has been giving trouble forever (plantar fasciitis and hip pain) so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I do worry that I'm losing muscle on my calves. My legs are getting skinnier while my belly is struggling to keep up. I feel like I'm going to turn in to a balloon in the middle with two toothpicks for legs. NOT COOL.

But I'm still extremely happy that I'm seeing results. The pool, and going to the gym 4-5 times a week is really helping.


The fancy pool I swim in
After completing 50 lengths in the pool (which I later learned is 1.13 miles) I changed my tactic last week and started doing intervals in my laps. I spend less time in the pool, work on different strokes and hopefully keep my body guessing which then equals more calories burned. That's the hope anyway. It seems to be working.

I started calorie counting again. Honestly it's the only way to be mindful of what I put in my mouth. I have to be accountable for it and write it down. It makes you think twice when you have to cop out that yes, you did eat that second helping of honey roasted peanuts.

I decided to keep it simple and follow the first "protocol" in the Woman Code book: 'Managing Your Blood Sugar'. Here's a sneak peek of what it says:

They're practicle suggestions that I can easily do. I'm going to stick with that for now. 

Good luck everyone! And good luck with all those holiday parties. I survived my jobs party last night. Woo!


Monday, December 9, 2013

December Weigh In

Gone for a month. What have I been up to? Well a few things:

First of November weigh in: 202.2 lbs 
I finished my job as an Outdoor Educator.
I went on vacation.
I ate a lot of delicious food.
I learned to appreciate wine.
 I got my car impounded.
I got my car back.
Learn(ing) what it means to be lactose intolerant.
I cooked new recipes like my first roasted chicken and butterscotch.
I realized I'd been gaining weight.
 I joined a very fancy gym.
 I started swimming again (yay!)
I started my new job (same organization/ better job).
Had to use snow chains for my little sedan for the first time. Psshh snow...
I started reading again.
I am currently cooking my first butternut squash soup.

First of December weigh in: 203.8 lbs

Sigh.. Why can't I let myself stay in ONE-derland. It's very clear how much I sabotage myself the second I see something under 200 lbs. I am seriously considering getting rid of my scale and focusing on calories, exercise and measurements. I tried this before but wasn't actully diligent about taking care of my food in take. This time I am going to have to be very diligent and not think of a break from the scale is a break from staying on task.

Never give up! Never surrender!
Thinking up new weight loss regime while making soup!