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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I don't feel LOOK fat today!

This last week I've noticed that I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with my body. I see my reflection and more often than not I see a well shaped person rather than a round, fat, ugly person. Am I at the point where the scales are tiping and I'm closer to the "skinny" side of the spectrum than the fat one?

I don't know but even in recent pictures I don't think I look so bad. It's a great feeling.

Sure I have a long way to go still and if I look at myself in a different angle I can clearly see that. But for this week I don't feel fat. I don't think I look fat. This week I'm NOT fat.

So it is said, so it shall be! LOL

Even yesterday, when my crew and I had our day off and decided to go down a secluded beach:

Less than a mile hike down to the beach and you have a beautiful area all to your self!

I felt pretty comfortable walking around with my unitard swimsuit. I almost felt like I had a figure. One day I'll have a body where I'll feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit. For now I'll have fun with where I am now.

Yes it's good to work hard to reach goal, but don't forget to have fun in the journey!

Have a great and healthy body imaged day!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Weigh In: My first week on the Island

Happy Monday! This week has been so long and so much has happened that I'm not sure I could fit it all in this post so I think I'll just do the main highlights. Let's start!

Current Weight: 198.8 lbs (-4.6 lbs from last week, thank goodness!)

Work Out Achievement(s): I'm SO happy to see this loss. I've experienced so many levels of soreness that I haven't felt in months. I've also done a lot of different things I haven't done in a while. I'm trying to see how I can break down last week. I think I'll go chronologically.

Sunday: I arrived on the island this night.

The town of Avalon from a distance. Imagine the ferry ride view of the famous Catalina Casino and the dock full of boats, as well as the mass of petite buildings going up hill with the mountain background. Then imagine realizing that this will be "home" for the rest of summer... Yeah

I was the last to arrive and by a large margin of time. So it felt a little awkward since everyone else had time to get acquainted with each other and slightly acclimated to the island (not to mention I'm the oldest person in the crew. This feels like being a freshman R.A. again LOL). Let's just say that I was trying really hard not to over eat at the Chinese restaurant the boss took us to that night. But all was fine.

Monday: I was dead today. No work out. I was spending more time trying to get caught up with the little everyone was able to learn the first day and training, training, training. I hadn't taken my vitamins in a few days and I felt it. I was seriously trying REALLY HARD not to fall asleep in the middle of it all. I was soo drained.

Tuesday: The first night I found out we lived on top of a hill at the very end of a 1 mile (or so) stretch. Pretty much a long a canyon. So this morning I got my running shoes out of my bags and went for a jog. Completely downhill to start and of course completely uphill on the way up. I was a red sweaty mess by the end of it but I was happy with my time: 2 miles in 30ish minutes. I also finally bought groceries and started going back to my cereal, fruit salad/sandwich, and saute' menu. I really need to spice my food choices up a bit.

Wednesday: I decided I was going to alternate between running and strength training. I found a simple to follow, no equipment needed, beginners 15 minute work out and adjusted it to my liking. It pretty much involves:
3 sets of wall push ups and
3 sets of core work outs. Pilates arm pumping, crunches and glute lifts.
Simple. Quick. Do-able. We also did a hike up a hill while identifying native and non-native plants and so that was added to the mix.

Thursday: Today was a mix of extremes. I woke up sore from yesterdays strength training. My abs really felt the burn and reminded me how out of shape I've become. I ran again. 2 miles (1 mi down/ 1 mi up) in 31 minutes. The job training has been intense. So much information in so little time my head was swimming. There was a pot luck with live music hosted by my boss and the rest of the department. I GORGED myself with food. Cookies and cheese galore. I was so disgusted with myself at some point I left the party and went to the back of the building and started running up and down the steps a few times chanting to myself
"If I can just get rid of one cookie!" and "Every little bit helps. Every little bit helps!"

I also decided to walk back to the house instead of taking the golf cart. (By the way did I mention that this town is run by golf carts and my crew and I get this sweet electric one for our general use? Awesome!) and got a nice stretch of uphill walking.

I'm starting to really fall in love with this place at this point. Walking in the middle of a calm street without a sweater and staring at stars and maybe a passing fox can do that to you.

Friday: I do my strength training and up the number of reps. I feel good at this point. I also forgave myself for the night before and congratulated myself for taking the initiative to do something about it (steps and walking back and throwing away that last cookie). Later that afternoon after work my crew and I decide to hike another local hike called Hermit Gulch. 1.7 miles up hill in a dry trail with a lot of switch backs. I was drenched in sweat by the time we got to the top but it was very worth it. I can't wait to do it again. LOL

I made it to the top!

Saturday: I took a break. I finally got a chance to check out the town of Avalon. It was killing me that I had been on the island almost a whole week and had spent all of my time stuck inside a building with my nose in a book. It was great finally getting to know the little town:

At the center of Front Street showing off my Wrigley's gum. Wrigley owned/owns Catalina and his son created the Conservancy in 1972 and donated 88% of the island to it in order to conserve and keep the island natural and not developed. I thank Wrigley for giving me a job by supporting my benefactor. Go Wrigley's gum!

Tonight was also the night my crew and I went out and I had my little reflection on my (lack of) discipline and how it relates to my relationship with alcohol. We also all walked down and walked back up the house so I guess I could add another mile of power walking in there too. Not to mention a little dancing. LOL

Sunday: I finally went swimming! So close to the ocean and my goggles in my bag since Monday I finally got a chance to jump in the ocean. After the initial shock of the freezing waters (think of me slowly walking deeper in to the water going "Cold, cold, cold!" and you'll get a picture of what I looked like 'jumping in.') I finally got a good rhythm going and swam from one pier to another. Definitely not a mile long but a nice enough stretch. I definitely have to get used to the tide moving me around and kelp getting in my way. It was such a refreshing experience though. It felt so GOOD being back in the water. I've really missed swimming.

That bring us to today, Monday: Strength training and my arms can really feel it. I'm getting really tired of having that saggy bag arm thing going on and so I'm going to look for different things I could do to work my arms. Though if I return to swimming (even once a week would be enough!) I'm sure that would help too. I also finally feel much more comfortable and ready to take on the public with my new island knowledge. If anyone comes out to the island this summer let me know. By then I'll be an amateur expert and can tour you around! (especially if you're interested in an eco-tour. I AM a naturalist.) LOL

Leave the town of Avalon and join me in the Garden. I'll show you what 90% of the island is REALLY about

Goal(s): Again I've been worrying and trying to focus on my portion control and food choices. I'm going to focus more on that this week. I'll continue to work out and try to up my reps and sets in my strength training but I think this is a good start. My calves are sore. My abs are sore, and my arms are sore. So I must be doing something right. Right?

Have a great week everyone! I'll try my best to update more often (and avoid super long posts like these). Until next time!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

I wish I could treat Food like I treat Alcohol.

Last night I went out on the town with my new crew. Great night. Fantastic memories but I noticed something. I noticed that it is second nature for me to control myself, stop, and quit while I'm ahead when it comes to alcohol.

First of all, for those who don't know I am not a heavy drinker. I don't like beer and the taste of most wines escape me. I usually prefer mixed drinks and even then I don't know how to mix them. Overall I hardly ever drink (nor do I smoke or do any kind of drug). So I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise that when I DO have a drink it's absolutely second nature for me to restrict myself to one or two drinks. Not mix alcohol. Stop early. And I almost ALWAYS remember to drink water. I sometimes even reach for my water bottle without thinking. I'm usually the designated driver. That sort of thing.

Anyway what I realized is that I'm completely disciplined when it comes to booze and then wondered why I can't show the same restraint, good sense and healthy habits when it comes to food. I can't say I don't have discipline because I obviously proved it to myself again last night.

Maybe it's because I LIKE food. Can't live without it. I can live without booze. Hmmm. I have to figure this out.

At least I know I have it in me. I guess I should start thinking about food like I do about alcohol. Stop when you know you've reached your limit. Feel free to not finish something. etc, etc.

It can be done!
Ready to party!

Tomorrow is Weigh In day. I'm worried. My habits have been irregular but I've been jogging and hiking long uphill stretches also so we'll see.

I'll also update on my adventures in Catalina. Have a great Sunday!


Friday, June 24, 2011

My Last Hike in the Mountains

Ok, so yes I admit this is a very late post. But I had the pictures all ready so I decided to do this post anyway.

A week or so ago I left the mountains; my home away from home, (I honestly absolutely ADORE it there.. in the summer. LOL) to move to Catalina Island. So my second to last day there I went out on my last hike.

I wanted to do one called Fern Lake but the road was blocked. After moving on I actually randomly ran in to someone I knew (crazy coincidence!) and through our chit chat he mentioned a Lundy Creek hike north of Mono Lake. He warned me it was mainly snowed in and didn't think it would be a good choice at this time of year.

After I left him I went to the visitor center and they also mentioned/recommended the Lundy Creek Trail. Seeing as I was having a day of odd coincidences I took the hint and headed to the trail.

After slightly getting lost (not really) I made it to the trailhead!

I walked just a few minutes in and found this wonderful view waiting for me:

It's a funny thing that random person ended up in the picture because after seeing them, I became confused and started following where they had walked. Sure enough I somehow ended up climbing up rocks until I was on the side of a cliff:
Yeah.. Don't know what happened here.

Soon after this picture I realized there was NO way this was the trail and I headed back down. I then climbed up another hill until I spotted a person and they led me to the right direction. From there I was off! And boy let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful hikes I'd done all season, even if it cut off early because of snow. Here are the pictures:

There was a lot of stone hopping to get through streams. Being the klutz that I am this was bound to happen. But no worries my pants dried in three seconds!

Cool abandoned old cottage from the old days. I LOVE this stuff.

Soon after seeing the abandoned cottage the trail started getting more and more snow until I hit the valley at the bottom of this hill/mountain

and I had to turn back but I didn't mind because I was having such a great time:

It was such an awesome experience topped off by finally stopping by my old field office and having one last conversation with my old supervisor. Over all I wonderful day. Not to mention the weather was fantastic!

So with that I left the mountains and a couple of days later I took a ferry to Catalina Island where my new adventure has begun. I'll have my "First days in Catalina" post up soon.

Until we meet again!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Update: Wifi in Catalina!

So I figured out how to get wifi out here in Catalina Island. However it's only my second full day (and my third night) here and I'm completely beat. So I'm going to have to save my big, picture filled, and awesome detailed entries for when I can keep my eyes open. For now let me tell you this place is beautiful and I still have trouble getting around the fact that I'm going to be living here for the next couple of months.

I'll leave you with a picture I took today during a "knarly" hike high above the Wrigley Botanic Gardens: (that means incline hiking *wipes brow*)

Chaparral habitat with a nice bit of cloud/fog rolling in this late afternoon. Nice!

Until we meet again!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Weigh In: Super Quick!

I have a SECOND so here it is:

Current Weight: 203.4 lbs (went home again, what could I say)

Work Out Achievement(s): I ran my last 4 miles in Mammoth before leaving (tear*) and now I'm in Catalina Island. Sooo beautiful. More on this later!

Goal(s): I will definitely try starting to jog again and I'm going to try to go swimming in the ocean! Also I'm going to find out how to rent a bike. It's about time I did that!

Ok gotta go!


Monday, June 13, 2011

My Attempt at Making Mole

So as I mentioned on my latest Weigh In, I've been craving Mexican food.

More specifically I've been craving brown mole. I had never made it myself before but I'd seen my mother and grandmother make it and thought I'd give it a shot.

This is that story:

I started out with these ingredients

Dona Maria Mole paste
sliced onions
chopped mushroom
chopped garlic
Garlic salt
chicken bouillon
Uncle Bens 90 second flavored rice
Hersheys dark chocolate
Chicken breast (not shown)
Olive oil (also not shown)
and sliced almonds as a garnish

I boiled the chicken with the bouillon and some garlic salt.
While the chicken boiled, I sauteed the sliced onion, chopped mushroom and garlic with a dash of olive oil.

When the chicken finished boiling I added it to the saute pan and mixed it all together.

I then added the mole paste and about a cup of the left over chicken broth. Once the sauce thickened I shredded about a bite of dark chocolate to it. I let it all mix in and tada I have mole!:


While it simmered I popped the rice in the microwave:

Yes, I'm a lazy cook and these bags are soo convenient!

Once it was done I put it in my bowl and added my mole on top. Garnished with some almonds and dinner is served!

I am known to eat everything using a bowl instead of a plate. Guess that new food pyramid is lost on me since I pile everything on top of each other. Ha!

I even made enough for lunch tomorrow.
Mmmm. This looks better than the other one doesn't it?

So all in all pretty easy to make. But what of the taste? Well:

I can't argue with it. I even licked the bowl.

So how many calories was all this:

One serving= approx 440 calories (220 of which are from the Uncle Bens rice alone).

Things I could do differently in the future?

Skip the garnish if desired.
Skip the extra chocolate. (it really didn't change the taste too much)
But most of all I think that if I were to have made my own spanish or even Minute white or brown rice it would have brought it down to 300 calories.

Either way, not bad. Not bad at all.

Have a great week everyone!


Weigh In: Things are Looking Up

Happy Monday!

Well after my worries last night and my little slump yesterday (even optimists get tired) I finally woke up this morning. I dragged myself to the bathroom with scale in hand. Stripped the pjs and hopped on.

Current Weight: 198.8 lbs (-0.4 lbs from last Weigh In)

Work Out Achievement(s): I could not be any more relieved let me tell you. Not only did I not gain any weight I managed to lose a little. **Thank the heavens!** I'll just have to be more vigilant about my food intake.

Thankfully my sweet cravings have subsided and have been replaced with cravings of salts and protein. (I daydream about cooking chicken, eating eggs, and having pinto beans with cheese sprinkled on top.) Not only that but I think I'm missing home because for the last couple of days I've been making:
salsa (WITH chiles and I don't even LIKE spicy food)
chicken fajita salad and eating it all with
I drank a "Sangria Senorial" even though I don't drink soda anymore.
mmmmm. I grew up with these puppies. Yummy

Not only that but I'm already making plans on making mole (negro con pollo) over rice.

I'll have to watch myself since some of this stuff isn't that light but as a friend of mine told me "It's all about portion control." And she is very right.

As for work outs I've been jogging most of last week and been logging it in to Dailymile. You can check out my progress on my widget on the left( <-- ) side panel.

I've been reading articles with advice for beginning runners and I'm a little perplexed at the point that you shouldn't run every day to give your muscles time to rest and grow. I'm all for getting stronger but at the same time, since I usually do cardio everyday if I don't jog I won't do anything because I don't have the flexibility to do something else. (This is probably an excuse but that's how I feel.)

This is my last week in the mountains and next week I'll be in Catalina Island. I've already been looking at what activities I can take advantage of. I'm thinking about renting a bike for a few days and see how it feels. After that I'll eventually take some time to go home and fix my mom's bike and bring it back to the island. Not to mention I'm really hoping I'll get some swimming in finally.

These are all just thoughts. I'll know for sure once I start and see what my schedule is going to be like.

Goal(s): So I've stopped calorie counting. I have a generally good idea on what I'm eating and what calories I should be consuming. I'm going to be paying close attention to my food intake and I'm coming up with a work out plan for my last days here.

I'm going to try and get more protein in my diet and take it easy on my carb and sugar intake. I'm also going to see if I can make it out swimming at least once this week, my last week.

This time next week I'll be in Catalina!

Wish me luck!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't want to weigh myself tomorrow

Ugh. I did so horribly this week. I really did. I did exercise most of the week and even hit some records but I haven't even STARTED weight training and have pretty much stopped doing my pilates video. Not to mention all the baked goods I was eating all week and ignoring how full I felt. I feel weak, both physically and psychologically.

I need a mental kick in the butt for this.

And now I'm scared of my weigh in tomorrow. I can feel myself expanding. I KNOW I gained weight. And that's just a crying shame since I had barely made it to ONEderland and now back to the dreaded 200's I go.

*Slump* I don't wanna weigh myself~

But I will.


Friday, June 10, 2011

You can't tell Me what to eat!!

That's how I've been feeling these last couple of days. I've been eating like CRAZY with sugar and baked goods urges and then completely disregarding how full I feel and completely going AGAINST what I told myself I was going to pay attention to this week!

Last night I took sometime to ask myself:

And then it hit me. This is why I tell people I don't "diet". This is why I had always failed at any strict diets before. I HATE being told WHAT to eat. Or how much for that matter... The fact that *I* am the one telling *myself* is irrelevant.

So I've been sabotaging my efforts. Ridiculous isn't it? I told myself I "can't" eat certain foods or I have to stop eating after a certain amount and I automatically go nuts and against it.

That's why I can't say I "diet". That's why I cannot reveal (even to myself) that I'm restricting my intakes (and not say "restrict"). I seriously have to sneak around my subconscious to eat right like you sneak broccoli in to a whinny kids meal so they don't know they're eating stuff that's good for them.

So how do I fix this without completely abandoning my goal to eat within 1220-1570 calories? Well my plan was to originally count my calories until I get adjusted to the new intake. Once I have a good idea how much food I should be eating I stop counting and then "wing" it.

I think it's time for me to leave the calorie counter. I will finish off the weekend and then stop.

There are a whole bunch of other little tricks I do. I make sure the food I have around is healthy (like fruits and veggies) and completely eat to my hearts content. Another is once I STOP counting, I somehow feel like I'm no longer under investigation and I relax. Once I relax I realize I make the right choices without effort.

It's quite amazing really. I usually don't go too far in to figuring out why or else it'll burst the bubble. (If you get my meaning).

I've probably said too much already.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Record of the 2's

Just a quick jogging update:

2 miles in 22 minutes 20 seconds (and coincidentally I finished at 9:02 a.m.)

Isn't that a trip! LOL

Until next time!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh In: Spoiler Weekend~

Happy Monday! It IS Monday and that means it's time for my Weigh In.

Current Weight: 199.2 (+0.2 from my June Weigh In, and -1.8 from last weeks Weigh In)

Work Out Achievement(s): I am still jogging and doing semi-well with my new calorie intake but this weekend I seemingly threw everything out the window. I completely spoiled my diet plans as well as my work out routine.

My original plan was to jog throughout the week and then do a major hike on the weekend like I had done last week. I was doing... ok.. trying to keep within the 1220-1570 calorie range (usually going a bit over but not too badly) but then came Friday.

Up the road from our field site there is a little general store/diner called "Pie in the Sky" where they serve the best pie in the area. Our crew decided to go. I was already kind of shaky and having food related urges since I was trying to cut down my food intake so I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how GOOD the pie tasted

Chocolate Butter Pecan pie WITH hot chocolate

I *inhaled* this thing it was soo good. But that was a bad idea because I finished my pie before everyone else and I had to WATCH them eat theirs. It just made me want more. But I didn't get more.

On Saturday I'd planned to do the second half of the hike in Lower Rock Creek but when I got there and started hiking down I hadn't gone more than 20-30 minutes when I reached the end. I was NOT pleased.
This was NOT 4 miles people!

My plan to get a major hiking work out was ruined! I didn't want to do the same hike twice so I decided to go back to June Lake loop and do a different hike I'd heard was a little challenging because it was supposed to be a steep descent in the beginning (which means a steep incline on the way back). It was slightly rainy but it wasn't too cold and the hike (though shorter than I wanted) was beautiful.

The start of the trail going downhill toward Walker Lake.

The view of Walker Lake once I got down there and walked around

After a little wandering around it was time to hike back UP the trail! Yikes! "I think I can. I think I can!"

Woo! I did it!

This was nice but apparently it wasn't enough because I suddenly got this huge urge for fried food and cheese! Which lead me to:

Chilli cheese fries AND:

Soft serve flavored ice cream.

Not to mention that later that night my crew and I went to a friends house party where I completely threw my discipline out the window and sampled every. single. appetizer-and-bready dessert there. Which really meant a lot of slices of different cheeses and crackers. Boy was I bloated (yet happy) that night.

Feeling ashamed of my actions I decided to try my best at keeping well within my calorie range yesterday, Sunday. I was doing well, however it was a long work day, I didn't get any exercise in, and by 11 a.m. I was absolutely starving and craving PEANUT BUTTER! So although I was doing great up until just after dinner, out of nowhere I grabbed the peanut butter jar, scooped up a GIANT spoonful and snatched a banana. Both of which put me over the top in my calories and led me to regret it for the rest of the night. Sigh.

I completely spoiled (yet I can't really complain can I?) my weekend.

Here are the calorie numbers for the week:
5/30: 1,664
5/31: 1,557
6/1: 1,600
6/2: 1,585
6/3: 2,113 (<--Fridays pie)

6/4: 3,163 (<--Saturdays cheese explosion)

6/5: 1,840 (<--Sundays peanut butter binge)

Goal(s): Now we have to look on the bright side of things. I had a great weekend. I enjoyed myself and stayed active. I got to taste amazing food (although I went overboard) and overall I didn't gain much! That's what I have to look at! Right?

But this morning (while I jogged and decided to do a double to make up for my weekend which translated to jogging 4 steady miles in a total of 50 minutes. Woo! ) I started thinking about lack of discipline and how I continue to eat even though I clearly feel my body rejecting food. I started thinking about how I NOTICED when I was full but I just couldn't STOP EATING because it seemed WRONG to me to leave food behind. If I see it, I want to eat it. It's such a hard habit to break.

So this weeks goal (besides counting my calories again this week to make sure I stay within my new calorie range--this is a transition period after all) is to listen and pay attention to my body. REALLY pay attention.

"Am I really hungry?"
"Do I really want to eat this, or am I grabbing it because it's there?"
"Am I full?"
and most of all remember that:
"It's ok to not finish it. It's ok to let it pass. It's ok to have to throw the rest away if I can't save it for later. It's ok to say NO to food."

Easier said than done. But I can do this!

Until we meet again,


Friday, June 3, 2011

I joined Dailymile!

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Just wanted to announce that I just joined Dailymile!

I've been going through different running websites in the last day or two, as well as reading running related blogs, and I've noticed a couple of bloggers here and there have a Training widget. I thought it was cool and a better, more efficient way of me writing down my jogging time than trying to remember days later and writing it down as an entry in this blog.

So I joined Dailymile! It's very simple to use and now *I* have a widget too! (I feel like the little kid who finally got the new toy everyone in the playground was already messing with. LOL)

<---- Go ahead and check it out on the left side of the page. :)

I hope this thing will help me keep a better record of my jogging routine. And look I'm already around 11minutes/mile. Soon I'll be 11 minutes straight and then, hopefully not too long from now 10 minutes/mile. If you remember that's the goal I'm aiming for!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should I run a 5k?

Skipped jogging yesterday, partly because of work and partly because my hips were still hurting my legs were still sore from last weekends hike and jogging. That and an old friend out of the blue emailed me and reminded me that I need to take breaks (and start strength training which I still need to do!)

I happily woke up without pain and brought out my new running shoes. Boy does rest work wonders! Here are my new numbers!

1 mile in 11 minutes
2 miles in 23 minutes

Woo! That really got me excited and now I'm finally looking at articles and tips for beginning runners and I'm contemplating signing up for a 5k so I can have a training goal. I'm not sure if I should start a C25k program or just do it on my own.
(I'm definitely a go at it alone person, partly because I'm always moving and never around friends and partly because it's just the way I've always done EVERYTHING. I was the person who would mess around during a study session but when I got serious I would hide from everyone and go to the dark A/V room to study chemistry. LOL)

But I'm not sure how I should start or where I should look for events in my area. (I also don't always know where "my area" is going to be so..)So I wonder if anyone out there has suggestions for me?

Have you run a 5k? How was it? Do you have pointers you'd like to share?

I'm really looking for some sort of satisfying event. I feel like it's time to be "a part" of something rather than just running around. LOL

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Weigh In: I've Finally Left the 200's!!

Good morning. It's June 1st and that means it's time for my June Weigh In.

Current Weight: 199.0 lbs

What was that?

199.0 lbs!

I woke up groggy this morning. After a minute I realized today was June 1st. I finally got up, grabbed a change of clothes and my scale. Shuffled to the bathroom (while yawning) did my business and hopped on the scale.

At first I thought it was broken. No, not because I couldn't believe it but because it said "90.3" and, although I was sleepy, I KNEW that wasn't right. So I picked it up. Squinted at it. Then realized it was giving me Kilograms! LOL LOL LOL.

I eventually found the switch and laid it back down on the floor. Weighed myself three times (I got this from some other blogger, to weigh yourself three times and if you get the same number three times that's your weight.) and each time it flashed 199.0, 199.0, 199.0.

Woo! Even my sleepiness couldn't take me away from that enjoyment.

Now you have to remember that I've been obese since I was a kid. When I was in middle school I already weighed 215 lbs. I don't think I've EVER been under the 200's (minus the times before puberty, but seriously, does that count?)

So this, this is amazing. I'm probably still too asleep to fully appreciate it. (Just finished breakfast, maybe that'll help.) But at least my mood is in the clouds. NOTHING can bother me this morning! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

I hope you all have a great week. And I'll see you again soon.

A still sleepy-yet-happy me this morning as I type this.