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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh In: Spoiler Weekend~

Happy Monday! It IS Monday and that means it's time for my Weigh In.

Current Weight: 199.2 (+0.2 from my June Weigh In, and -1.8 from last weeks Weigh In)

Work Out Achievement(s): I am still jogging and doing semi-well with my new calorie intake but this weekend I seemingly threw everything out the window. I completely spoiled my diet plans as well as my work out routine.

My original plan was to jog throughout the week and then do a major hike on the weekend like I had done last week. I was doing... ok.. trying to keep within the 1220-1570 calorie range (usually going a bit over but not too badly) but then came Friday.

Up the road from our field site there is a little general store/diner called "Pie in the Sky" where they serve the best pie in the area. Our crew decided to go. I was already kind of shaky and having food related urges since I was trying to cut down my food intake so I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how GOOD the pie tasted

Chocolate Butter Pecan pie WITH hot chocolate

I *inhaled* this thing it was soo good. But that was a bad idea because I finished my pie before everyone else and I had to WATCH them eat theirs. It just made me want more. But I didn't get more.

On Saturday I'd planned to do the second half of the hike in Lower Rock Creek but when I got there and started hiking down I hadn't gone more than 20-30 minutes when I reached the end. I was NOT pleased.
This was NOT 4 miles people!

My plan to get a major hiking work out was ruined! I didn't want to do the same hike twice so I decided to go back to June Lake loop and do a different hike I'd heard was a little challenging because it was supposed to be a steep descent in the beginning (which means a steep incline on the way back). It was slightly rainy but it wasn't too cold and the hike (though shorter than I wanted) was beautiful.

The start of the trail going downhill toward Walker Lake.

The view of Walker Lake once I got down there and walked around

After a little wandering around it was time to hike back UP the trail! Yikes! "I think I can. I think I can!"

Woo! I did it!

This was nice but apparently it wasn't enough because I suddenly got this huge urge for fried food and cheese! Which lead me to:

Chilli cheese fries AND:

Soft serve flavored ice cream.

Not to mention that later that night my crew and I went to a friends house party where I completely threw my discipline out the window and sampled every. single. appetizer-and-bready dessert there. Which really meant a lot of slices of different cheeses and crackers. Boy was I bloated (yet happy) that night.

Feeling ashamed of my actions I decided to try my best at keeping well within my calorie range yesterday, Sunday. I was doing well, however it was a long work day, I didn't get any exercise in, and by 11 a.m. I was absolutely starving and craving PEANUT BUTTER! So although I was doing great up until just after dinner, out of nowhere I grabbed the peanut butter jar, scooped up a GIANT spoonful and snatched a banana. Both of which put me over the top in my calories and led me to regret it for the rest of the night. Sigh.

I completely spoiled (yet I can't really complain can I?) my weekend.

Here are the calorie numbers for the week:
5/30: 1,664
5/31: 1,557
6/1: 1,600
6/2: 1,585
6/3: 2,113 (<--Fridays pie)

6/4: 3,163 (<--Saturdays cheese explosion)

6/5: 1,840 (<--Sundays peanut butter binge)

Goal(s): Now we have to look on the bright side of things. I had a great weekend. I enjoyed myself and stayed active. I got to taste amazing food (although I went overboard) and overall I didn't gain much! That's what I have to look at! Right?

But this morning (while I jogged and decided to do a double to make up for my weekend which translated to jogging 4 steady miles in a total of 50 minutes. Woo! ) I started thinking about lack of discipline and how I continue to eat even though I clearly feel my body rejecting food. I started thinking about how I NOTICED when I was full but I just couldn't STOP EATING because it seemed WRONG to me to leave food behind. If I see it, I want to eat it. It's such a hard habit to break.

So this weeks goal (besides counting my calories again this week to make sure I stay within my new calorie range--this is a transition period after all) is to listen and pay attention to my body. REALLY pay attention.

"Am I really hungry?"
"Do I really want to eat this, or am I grabbing it because it's there?"
"Am I full?"
and most of all remember that:
"It's ok to not finish it. It's ok to let it pass. It's ok to have to throw the rest away if I can't save it for later. It's ok to say NO to food."

Easier said than done. But I can do this!

Until we meet again,



Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your honest and transparency. You have made so much amazing progress and I am so impressed at your commitment to staying healthy!


Joy said...

If you find yourself going out to eat a lot, a good tip is to request a to-go box when your food comes, and immediately put half your plate in the box, then put it on the seat next to you (maybe even keep some rubber bands in your purse, and secure it even more). Once you eat your food, you'll feel pretty silly pulling out the to-go box to eat more so you'll have it for dinner or lunch the next day!

xakikox said...

I recommend chewing gum. Sometimes it's not cuz we're hungry or thirsty, but we just need to have something in our mouth. Gum helps cut down on cravings and gives us minty fresh breath ^o^ Don't forget to give yourself a cheat day. I'm not saying to throw all calorie count out the door, but allow yourself an OD on sweets. It'll serve as a reward and help limit yourself.

w0rld4vamps said...

Thank you for the great advice and kind words. I have heard of getting the to-go boxes. I just need to remember that when I go out. And the rubber band idea is genius! And YES I started using chewing gum back in March I think and it does work most of the time, but not always as my post this week can show. I'll get it done!