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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I don't feel LOOK fat today!

This last week I've noticed that I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with my body. I see my reflection and more often than not I see a well shaped person rather than a round, fat, ugly person. Am I at the point where the scales are tiping and I'm closer to the "skinny" side of the spectrum than the fat one?

I don't know but even in recent pictures I don't think I look so bad. It's a great feeling.

Sure I have a long way to go still and if I look at myself in a different angle I can clearly see that. But for this week I don't feel fat. I don't think I look fat. This week I'm NOT fat.

So it is said, so it shall be! LOL

Even yesterday, when my crew and I had our day off and decided to go down a secluded beach:

Less than a mile hike down to the beach and you have a beautiful area all to your self!

I felt pretty comfortable walking around with my unitard swimsuit. I almost felt like I had a figure. One day I'll have a body where I'll feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit. For now I'll have fun with where I am now.

Yes it's good to work hard to reach goal, but don't forget to have fun in the journey!

Have a great and healthy body imaged day!



Doug said...

One thing you might think about a bit - you're never going to be that unhealthy stick thin look, you're shooting for more of a healthy/strong/curved thing, right? Which means as you close in on your weight goals at some point focusing on weight isn't that helpful. You might just weigh yourself very occasionally as a sanity check and mostly focus in on fitness goals - how far, how fast, etc. etc.

Just something to think about a bit for once you hit your weight goals.

w0rld4vamps said...

You're absolutely right Doug. I will never want to be "skinny". Nor do I plan on focusing solely on weighing myself. But I KNOW I still have a long way to go before I can consider myself a "healthy" weight. So once I reach that I'll start changing my goals to more fitness and less weight loss. Right now it's goals for both. LOL.