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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Last Hike in the Mountains

Ok, so yes I admit this is a very late post. But I had the pictures all ready so I decided to do this post anyway.

A week or so ago I left the mountains; my home away from home, (I honestly absolutely ADORE it there.. in the summer. LOL) to move to Catalina Island. So my second to last day there I went out on my last hike.

I wanted to do one called Fern Lake but the road was blocked. After moving on I actually randomly ran in to someone I knew (crazy coincidence!) and through our chit chat he mentioned a Lundy Creek hike north of Mono Lake. He warned me it was mainly snowed in and didn't think it would be a good choice at this time of year.

After I left him I went to the visitor center and they also mentioned/recommended the Lundy Creek Trail. Seeing as I was having a day of odd coincidences I took the hint and headed to the trail.

After slightly getting lost (not really) I made it to the trailhead!

I walked just a few minutes in and found this wonderful view waiting for me:

It's a funny thing that random person ended up in the picture because after seeing them, I became confused and started following where they had walked. Sure enough I somehow ended up climbing up rocks until I was on the side of a cliff:
Yeah.. Don't know what happened here.

Soon after this picture I realized there was NO way this was the trail and I headed back down. I then climbed up another hill until I spotted a person and they led me to the right direction. From there I was off! And boy let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful hikes I'd done all season, even if it cut off early because of snow. Here are the pictures:

There was a lot of stone hopping to get through streams. Being the klutz that I am this was bound to happen. But no worries my pants dried in three seconds!

Cool abandoned old cottage from the old days. I LOVE this stuff.

Soon after seeing the abandoned cottage the trail started getting more and more snow until I hit the valley at the bottom of this hill/mountain

and I had to turn back but I didn't mind because I was having such a great time:

It was such an awesome experience topped off by finally stopping by my old field office and having one last conversation with my old supervisor. Over all I wonderful day. Not to mention the weather was fantastic!

So with that I left the mountains and a couple of days later I took a ferry to Catalina Island where my new adventure has begun. I'll have my "First days in Catalina" post up soon.

Until we meet again!


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