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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't want to weigh myself tomorrow

Ugh. I did so horribly this week. I really did. I did exercise most of the week and even hit some records but I haven't even STARTED weight training and have pretty much stopped doing my pilates video. Not to mention all the baked goods I was eating all week and ignoring how full I felt. I feel weak, both physically and psychologically.

I need a mental kick in the butt for this.

And now I'm scared of my weigh in tomorrow. I can feel myself expanding. I KNOW I gained weight. And that's just a crying shame since I had barely made it to ONEderland and now back to the dreaded 200's I go.

*Slump* I don't wanna weigh myself~

But I will.



Princess Dieter said...

I feel your pain. How many hundreds and thousands of days was I in that same place.

Look, it was a bad week. Learn something from it. Examine your activities and feelings/moods and temptations and see where you can short-circuit the pattern. What drove you to the baked goods? How did you ge there?

But this week, learn from it and forgive youself and move on. Because THIS week, you will kick ass. YOU WILL.

The number one root thing is to believe in your ability to have a superb goal-oriented week. Believe it. Affirm it when you get up. Affirm it out loud when you're eating your meals. Affirm it when you drink your fluids.

I will pray specifically for you by name and believe in you. Believe on yourself. Now, love yourself a good lot today and refuse to cave to the bad feelings. Feel joy in expectation, k?


Christine said...

defeat builds on defeat...success builds on success....don't let your feelings dictate the ultimate outcome. Turn it around right now and you are good to go.
Hugs. Good thing to weigh in tomorrow. Onward and downward.