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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weigh In: My first week on the Island

Happy Monday! This week has been so long and so much has happened that I'm not sure I could fit it all in this post so I think I'll just do the main highlights. Let's start!

Current Weight: 198.8 lbs (-4.6 lbs from last week, thank goodness!)

Work Out Achievement(s): I'm SO happy to see this loss. I've experienced so many levels of soreness that I haven't felt in months. I've also done a lot of different things I haven't done in a while. I'm trying to see how I can break down last week. I think I'll go chronologically.

Sunday: I arrived on the island this night.

The town of Avalon from a distance. Imagine the ferry ride view of the famous Catalina Casino and the dock full of boats, as well as the mass of petite buildings going up hill with the mountain background. Then imagine realizing that this will be "home" for the rest of summer... Yeah

I was the last to arrive and by a large margin of time. So it felt a little awkward since everyone else had time to get acquainted with each other and slightly acclimated to the island (not to mention I'm the oldest person in the crew. This feels like being a freshman R.A. again LOL). Let's just say that I was trying really hard not to over eat at the Chinese restaurant the boss took us to that night. But all was fine.

Monday: I was dead today. No work out. I was spending more time trying to get caught up with the little everyone was able to learn the first day and training, training, training. I hadn't taken my vitamins in a few days and I felt it. I was seriously trying REALLY HARD not to fall asleep in the middle of it all. I was soo drained.

Tuesday: The first night I found out we lived on top of a hill at the very end of a 1 mile (or so) stretch. Pretty much a long a canyon. So this morning I got my running shoes out of my bags and went for a jog. Completely downhill to start and of course completely uphill on the way up. I was a red sweaty mess by the end of it but I was happy with my time: 2 miles in 30ish minutes. I also finally bought groceries and started going back to my cereal, fruit salad/sandwich, and saute' menu. I really need to spice my food choices up a bit.

Wednesday: I decided I was going to alternate between running and strength training. I found a simple to follow, no equipment needed, beginners 15 minute work out and adjusted it to my liking. It pretty much involves:
3 sets of wall push ups and
3 sets of core work outs. Pilates arm pumping, crunches and glute lifts.
Simple. Quick. Do-able. We also did a hike up a hill while identifying native and non-native plants and so that was added to the mix.

Thursday: Today was a mix of extremes. I woke up sore from yesterdays strength training. My abs really felt the burn and reminded me how out of shape I've become. I ran again. 2 miles (1 mi down/ 1 mi up) in 31 minutes. The job training has been intense. So much information in so little time my head was swimming. There was a pot luck with live music hosted by my boss and the rest of the department. I GORGED myself with food. Cookies and cheese galore. I was so disgusted with myself at some point I left the party and went to the back of the building and started running up and down the steps a few times chanting to myself
"If I can just get rid of one cookie!" and "Every little bit helps. Every little bit helps!"

I also decided to walk back to the house instead of taking the golf cart. (By the way did I mention that this town is run by golf carts and my crew and I get this sweet electric one for our general use? Awesome!) and got a nice stretch of uphill walking.

I'm starting to really fall in love with this place at this point. Walking in the middle of a calm street without a sweater and staring at stars and maybe a passing fox can do that to you.

Friday: I do my strength training and up the number of reps. I feel good at this point. I also forgave myself for the night before and congratulated myself for taking the initiative to do something about it (steps and walking back and throwing away that last cookie). Later that afternoon after work my crew and I decide to hike another local hike called Hermit Gulch. 1.7 miles up hill in a dry trail with a lot of switch backs. I was drenched in sweat by the time we got to the top but it was very worth it. I can't wait to do it again. LOL

I made it to the top!

Saturday: I took a break. I finally got a chance to check out the town of Avalon. It was killing me that I had been on the island almost a whole week and had spent all of my time stuck inside a building with my nose in a book. It was great finally getting to know the little town:

At the center of Front Street showing off my Wrigley's gum. Wrigley owned/owns Catalina and his son created the Conservancy in 1972 and donated 88% of the island to it in order to conserve and keep the island natural and not developed. I thank Wrigley for giving me a job by supporting my benefactor. Go Wrigley's gum!

Tonight was also the night my crew and I went out and I had my little reflection on my (lack of) discipline and how it relates to my relationship with alcohol. We also all walked down and walked back up the house so I guess I could add another mile of power walking in there too. Not to mention a little dancing. LOL

Sunday: I finally went swimming! So close to the ocean and my goggles in my bag since Monday I finally got a chance to jump in the ocean. After the initial shock of the freezing waters (think of me slowly walking deeper in to the water going "Cold, cold, cold!" and you'll get a picture of what I looked like 'jumping in.') I finally got a good rhythm going and swam from one pier to another. Definitely not a mile long but a nice enough stretch. I definitely have to get used to the tide moving me around and kelp getting in my way. It was such a refreshing experience though. It felt so GOOD being back in the water. I've really missed swimming.

That bring us to today, Monday: Strength training and my arms can really feel it. I'm getting really tired of having that saggy bag arm thing going on and so I'm going to look for different things I could do to work my arms. Though if I return to swimming (even once a week would be enough!) I'm sure that would help too. I also finally feel much more comfortable and ready to take on the public with my new island knowledge. If anyone comes out to the island this summer let me know. By then I'll be an amateur expert and can tour you around! (especially if you're interested in an eco-tour. I AM a naturalist.) LOL

Leave the town of Avalon and join me in the Garden. I'll show you what 90% of the island is REALLY about

Goal(s): Again I've been worrying and trying to focus on my portion control and food choices. I'm going to focus more on that this week. I'll continue to work out and try to up my reps and sets in my strength training but I think this is a good start. My calves are sore. My abs are sore, and my arms are sore. So I must be doing something right. Right?

Have a great week everyone! I'll try my best to update more often (and avoid super long posts like these). Until next time!


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midlife_swimmer said...

that rocks that you jumped in and swam open water :)

maybe a spring shorty wetsuit would help with the cold.

My daughter went to an environmental school that spend a week in Catalina with the 8th graders and I was so jealous.