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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Attempt at Making Mole

So as I mentioned on my latest Weigh In, I've been craving Mexican food.

More specifically I've been craving brown mole. I had never made it myself before but I'd seen my mother and grandmother make it and thought I'd give it a shot.

This is that story:

I started out with these ingredients

Dona Maria Mole paste
sliced onions
chopped mushroom
chopped garlic
Garlic salt
chicken bouillon
Uncle Bens 90 second flavored rice
Hersheys dark chocolate
Chicken breast (not shown)
Olive oil (also not shown)
and sliced almonds as a garnish

I boiled the chicken with the bouillon and some garlic salt.
While the chicken boiled, I sauteed the sliced onion, chopped mushroom and garlic with a dash of olive oil.

When the chicken finished boiling I added it to the saute pan and mixed it all together.

I then added the mole paste and about a cup of the left over chicken broth. Once the sauce thickened I shredded about a bite of dark chocolate to it. I let it all mix in and tada I have mole!:


While it simmered I popped the rice in the microwave:

Yes, I'm a lazy cook and these bags are soo convenient!

Once it was done I put it in my bowl and added my mole on top. Garnished with some almonds and dinner is served!

I am known to eat everything using a bowl instead of a plate. Guess that new food pyramid is lost on me since I pile everything on top of each other. Ha!

I even made enough for lunch tomorrow.
Mmmm. This looks better than the other one doesn't it?

So all in all pretty easy to make. But what of the taste? Well:

I can't argue with it. I even licked the bowl.

So how many calories was all this:

One serving= approx 440 calories (220 of which are from the Uncle Bens rice alone).

Things I could do differently in the future?

Skip the garnish if desired.
Skip the extra chocolate. (it really didn't change the taste too much)
But most of all I think that if I were to have made my own spanish or even Minute white or brown rice it would have brought it down to 300 calories.

Either way, not bad. Not bad at all.

Have a great week everyone!


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