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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should I run a 5k?

Skipped jogging yesterday, partly because of work and partly because my hips were still hurting my legs were still sore from last weekends hike and jogging. That and an old friend out of the blue emailed me and reminded me that I need to take breaks (and start strength training which I still need to do!)

I happily woke up without pain and brought out my new running shoes. Boy does rest work wonders! Here are my new numbers!

1 mile in 11 minutes
2 miles in 23 minutes

Woo! That really got me excited and now I'm finally looking at articles and tips for beginning runners and I'm contemplating signing up for a 5k so I can have a training goal. I'm not sure if I should start a C25k program or just do it on my own.
(I'm definitely a go at it alone person, partly because I'm always moving and never around friends and partly because it's just the way I've always done EVERYTHING. I was the person who would mess around during a study session but when I got serious I would hide from everyone and go to the dark A/V room to study chemistry. LOL)

But I'm not sure how I should start or where I should look for events in my area. (I also don't always know where "my area" is going to be so..)So I wonder if anyone out there has suggestions for me?

Have you run a 5k? How was it? Do you have pointers you'd like to share?

I'm really looking for some sort of satisfying event. I feel like it's time to be "a part" of something rather than just running around. LOL

Have a great Thursday!



Engr 185b said...

5Ks are really not bad at all love, and you've already ran 5 miles before so it'd just be a matter of working toward improving your time there.

The LA marathon would be a great long term goal, Santa Babara also has one and I believe Big Sur has both a marathon and a half marathon. You have plenty of beautiful places to choose from :) I've been contemplating a marathon --mainly bc you need a lot of time to prepare, BUT, I think it's time (to at least prepare for the HALF marathon lol). We should train on our own & do it together!

Kathryn Chew said...

Hey Elina! I ran my first 5k last December and it was AWESOME!! Even though the weather was rainy and cold, I still had a blast!
I definitely think that you should do it! I had a friend 'train' (more like yell at) me. But since you are more of a do it on your own, then just start running!
You should make sure to pace yourself for the actual run. The excitement might make you run faster than what you are comfortable with!