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Friday, June 3, 2011

I joined Dailymile!

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Just wanted to announce that I just joined Dailymile!

I've been going through different running websites in the last day or two, as well as reading running related blogs, and I've noticed a couple of bloggers here and there have a Training widget. I thought it was cool and a better, more efficient way of me writing down my jogging time than trying to remember days later and writing it down as an entry in this blog.

So I joined Dailymile! It's very simple to use and now *I* have a widget too! (I feel like the little kid who finally got the new toy everyone in the playground was already messing with. LOL)

<---- Go ahead and check it out on the left side of the page. :)

I hope this thing will help me keep a better record of my jogging routine. And look I'm already around 11minutes/mile. Soon I'll be 11 minutes straight and then, hopefully not too long from now 10 minutes/mile. If you remember that's the goal I'm aiming for!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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