On a Journey to Wellness

Come with me on my journey to losing weight, getting healthy and going out to meet the world head-on!

Who am I?

(This page is a work-in-progress)

This is w0rld4vamps(aka Elina) and I've started this blog to keep tabs on my new 'lose weight or bust' regime I've started in December 2009.

I've been overweight for most of my life (I'm 24 at the moment) and after finally being diagnosed with PCOS and a couple of other things I thought it was about time I quit my excuses and started getting my life and my weight back on track.
At my heaviest (260 lbs) Summer 2006

I started gaining weight when I was just a kid and by the time I was 13 I weighed over 200 lbs. My self-esteem was non-existent and my confidence was rock bottom. I hated myself and believed others hated me too.
250~ lbs Spring 2009

I finally broke out of my shell, made some friends and started going for the things I wanted. That lead me to field biology in college. But field work is an active world and my self-consciousness was overwhelming. Add to that my final realization that my health problems were due (in part) to my weight, the blow of it all opened my eyes. I finally reached out for help and ended up creating this blog.

In each post I will write about my progress, my goals, my achievements, my set backs... in the hopes that it will keep me going, keep me hopeful and prevent me from giving up like so many other times before.

I welcome you to keep track with me, I ask you to encourage me, advise me and simply watch me as I finally move toward losing weight, gaining life, and learning to love myself. LOL

Love and all that jazz
At my fanciest( 205 lbs) February 2011