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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Starting over/ A New Project

Needless to say I haven't been keeping up this blog. I've missed it, yes but I've made excuses:

1. I'm too busy to blog.
2. I'm not really counting calories right now so ....
3. I'm happy right now, I don't need the blog.
4. Ok, I'm unhappy right now and I don't want to admit it on the blog.
5. I'm too busy to blog.
6. My life is hectic and I'm not losing or gaining anyway.
7. I'm moving. I need to focus on that!
8. I'm getting a puppy!
9. The puppy is a hassle.
10. I'm too busy to blog.
11. I'm gaining weight with this new desk job.
12. I don't like my desk job.
13. I'm too busy to exercise, let alone blog.
14. I'm really, really gaining weight.
15. I'm going to start counting calories, but not blog.
16. I'm too busy to count calories... or blog.
17. I really don't like this whole desk job thing.
18. Hmm.. I'm emotionally eating again.
19. I gained MORE weight.
20. I'm too ashamed to blog.

I think that recounts the end of 2014 and all of 2015 to date.

So what brought me back here? Yesterday was my 29th birthday. When I first started this blog I told myself that I would get healthy by the time I was 30.

I started doing well but then the yo-yo dieting and plateaus happened and my frustrations and excuses held me back.

I now made the biggest change and my body is feeling it.

So I decided that I needed to start over. And a new start means a new blog:

The w0rld Project: How I am going to take my life back in 52 weeks


I invite you, if you're still with me, to visit me in my new blog. The focus of my new blog is to learn how to change my mindset, my habits, and my goals so when I finally reach 30 I can hit the ground running on living the best life I can live. Yes, a good part of it will still be weight loss but it won't be the only thing. It'll be about figuring out what 'healthy living' means for me and my needs.

The great thing this time is that I'm not starting blind. These last 5 years have not been for nothing. I've learned so MANY things about my health, my weight, my habits and my sabotage. I've reached goals, seen set backs and I'm ready to try again.

Come with me.


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