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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late Weigh In

I weighed in today. I was so nervous after eating bread and dairy all last week. I honestly didn't want to weigh in.

But here it is:

Current Weight: 207.2 lbs (-0.2 lbs)

I lost the little I must have gained during my binge. I'm so happy to see that it didn't get too bad.

To double check my weight loss I measured my hips and waist.

I lost 1/4 inch on my hips (finally!) and lost 3/4 of an inch on my waist.

That's a total of 1/4 inch off my hips and 1 1/4 inches off my waist since I started my calorie counting streak. I'm thrilled I'm seeing results no matter how snail pace it is.

It's time for work now. I hope that getting back in to the swing of things will help give me some energy. I'm emotionally drained right now.

I'll continue my calorie counting streak and try to stay closer to 1500 calories.

The start of the week hasn't been any better. I'll check in again later.

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Sum up of Week 4 Calorie Counting Streak

It was a hard week for weight loss. I ate relatively well this weekend with a few hiccups. However I don't think I've recovered from last weeks binge eating. My stomach was rumbling all weekend.

Here are Day 5-7 calorie totals.

Friday: 1580 calories

Saturday: 1798 calories

Sunday: 1723 calories

I ate naan, ice cream and heavy seafood. I also ate salads, greens, avocado, carrots, farmers market fruit and other healthy delicious food.

I didn't exercise much unless it was a short walk here or there. The point is that my stomach still hates me from eating carbs and too much sugar.

I had a protein shake with fruit for breakfast. Going to take it easy this week. It's back to work anyway.

I don't have a scale near me and I am not looking forward to it. I'll check in again when I finally weigh in on Wednesday.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 4's Calorie Counting Streak Day 1-4

It's been a busy and very quick week.

There was a family emergency. I was on the road before 6 am on Monday morning to the Mexican border (about 450 miles) after getting some bad news over a text Sunday afternoon.

I ate bread. I ate sugar. I cried. I laughed and I've driven over 1,000 miles just in these last 4 days.

I still tracked everything I put in my mouth. I would cringe at the number I was left with. Not a good week so far. Time to fix it.

Here's the damage:

Monday: 2,130 calories

Tuesday: 2,052 calories

Wednesday: 2,818 calories (totally felt sick this day)

Thursday: 1,188 calories (taking a break and not feeling well anyway)

This weekend is going to be for complete recovery. I don't want to think about another Starbucks frappuccino or oreo cookies. Ugh just thinking about it makes me cringe and my stomach grumble.

I haven't weighed myself and I'm not looking forward to it. All I can do now is to take it easy with the food and go for walks and strength training.

I'll check in again at the end of the weekend. Have a good one.


Monday, September 15, 2014

When gaining weight during a weight loss journey makes me happy.

Quick early morning check in.

I woke up at 5 am today to get ready for my big drive.

Hoped on the scale and saw this:

Current Weight: 207.4 (gained 1.4 lbs from last Monday)

I've been feeling better somedays and like the fattest pig other days. I decided to measure my middle.

I've lost one inch above my waist.
3/4 of an inch on my waist
1/2 of an inch on my hips.

Would you look at that. Last year I lost 15 lbs and maybe 1/2 an inch all around. This time I'm gaining weight and losing inches. This is great news for a PCOS woman. Losing inches off my middle is like taking years back from my life.

I hope this tiny win can help keep me going today. I'm going to need my energy tonight during the wake/family reunion.

Have a good Monday.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Last day of Week 3's Calorie Counting Streak: Quick Post

Today started out well. I said goodbye to an amazing group of young ladies after doing an epic hike with them yesterday of which I am still sore.

I was eating pretty healthy and even second attempted making cauliflower crust pizza. It ends up tasting delicious but the wax paper I use keeps getting stuck to the cauliflower crust. Next time I'm going to ditch the wax paper.

The only problem is that I couldn't ditch the strong urge to want to eat chocolate and ice cream. I finally told myself I'd go for a bike ride and then head over to the ice cream shop and get a small soft serve ice cream.

The second I started my ride I got a text and I eventually checked it. It was from my mom explaining that my aunt had died. Stop Everything. I turned around and on my way back found a bake sale. As I text my mom back and forth I bought a cupcake and a small cookie, donated an extra $5 to the sixth graders cause and went home. The cupcake didn't satisfy and I actually felt worse for eating bread. I don't even like cupcakes.

I was so upset over the news and over my immediate 'find dessert NOW' reaction that I eventually got myself to the gym and worked my arms and my already sore legs. I spent over an hour in the gym just trying to undo the dumb over eating I did and try to numb myself from the shock of hearing the news about my aunt.

I'm still in a bit of shock but I've been busy. I'm packed and nearly ready to drive 450 miles to the Mexico border to go to the viewing/wake tomorrow evening and the funeral on Tuesday morning.

Mexico doesn't hesitate when it comes to funerals. I had to act quickly.

I'll be out of town for most of the week. Here's the last day of week 3's calorie counting challenge.

Total calories: 1,880

Total burned calories: 501

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Calorie Counting Streak Week 3 Day 6!

I'm so happy to see that I'm almost done with week 3 of my calorie counting streak.

I admit I couldn't sleep last night wondering what I was doing wrong and not losing weight this week. I can't believe it kept me up most of the night. But what helped was looking back at my patterns in MyFitnessPal and seeing how much I was eating, when I ate the most, what I ate the most etc. That helped me be mindful of the little things you don't think are a big deal but turn out to be.

For instance, this whole week I over ate and under worked out. I realized that I would always log what I ate after I indulged and then get upset over how many calories I ended up consuming.

Today I decided to log what I planned to eat before I ate it and adjust accordingly. It worked! I hope I can continue this simple but game changing habit.

Breakfast: 471 calories

Snack: 187 calories (individually wrapped trail mix)

Lunch: 287 calories

Dinner: 470 calories

TOTAL: 1415 calories (woo! Under 1500 FINALLY!)

I probably burned as many calories as I consumed since we did one of the steepest hikes I've ever done with a group. I also went really, really slowly because I stayed back with one of the students that was having a hard time making it up the mountain. We still made it. I still sweated like crazy.

Good times.

I hope I can continue to plan my meals ahead of time so that I can anticipate when I'm about to go over in calories and then figure out a way to fill myself up without over indulging.

One day at a time.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Hunger, Hunger (CCS Week 3 Days 3,4, &5)

Work has kept me busy this week.

I am still keeping my Calorie Counting Streak for Week 3.

Here are the numbers for the last three days

Wednesday: 1717 calories total and walking as exercise

Thursday: 1757 calories total and easy hiking as exercise

Friday: 1806 calories total and vigorous elliptical as exercise

It's becoming harder and harder to stay under 1500 calories. I know a lot of it is the snacks I eat rather than the meals themselves. However I am so hungry at the end of the day I eat dinner and go over because I already ate too much in the afternoon.

I haven't been able to go to the gym as much and it took me days to recover from my crazy hike. My calves have been sore ever since Tuesday.

I'm happy that I at least I'm consistent with the amount I've been eating. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get the numbers down.

That's all for now.

Happy counting!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting lost on a hike.. kinda sorta (CCS Week 3 Day 2)

I woke up this morning feeling ok but with a huge sense of guilt that I over ate yesterday and didn't work out. So I told myself I would go on a hike today. A good one.

My co-workers suggested a while ago that I should go to Gem lake. A 6.2 mile round trip hike, pretty strenuous they said. I had all day. I finally decided to go. It started out great.

It was a beautiful day. I started a little after 11:30 am. I'd had a good breakfast of fruit with yogurt and trail mix. It was 3 miles and a total of 1,800 ft elevation gain. No biggie right?

The trail ran a long Silver Lake first. A gorgeous lake.

Here's where the trail turned and I got a good look at Horsetail Falls and an old train track I knew I'd catch up to soon.

The trail crossed the tracks twice and then the trail was the tracks.

By the time the trail turned in to the tracks I was still feeling well but hoping I'd make it to the first lake already. I definitely had to push it to make it up this hill. But I wasn't done. Oh no. lol.

This is where things went wrong. I made it to the top of that hill and saw that there was an old power plant. I thought it'd be deserted but there were people working a long the tracks. I saw this trail to the left of this building and took it. It must be the right trail if the tracks were a work site, right?

I crossed this dam and kept going. I'd made it over 2 miles at this point and stopped to take a break. I had one of those electrolyte gels athletes use during marathons. I'd never had one before so I figured I'd try it. It didn't taste bad, but it was literally sugar and carbs; exactly what I shouldn't be eating. I knew I had another uphill mile to go though so I figured I'd burn those 150 calories quickly.

The trail was rocky and kept going up and up and up. I was so high I could see a lake I knew was 15 miles away. 

I got so high that I finally saw the lake I was supposed to be at by now. I was much higher and far away from it. Damn. I kept hoping the trail I was on would eventually lead me there so I kept going up.

4.5 miles in to my hike I finally gave up and turned around. I admit I would have kept going just to see where my trail led but I realized that my water would run low and I didn't have any more food. I turned back hoping I could get back to the power plant. However, this rocky trail took time to cross. I kept reminding myself that my phone was dying and that I wasn't allowed to die, because I wouldn't be able to call anyone if I did hurt myself. 

At some point my head started hurting and I got dizzy. I needed to drink more water and have something to eat. I usually keep a piece of fruit in my bag and hoped I'd still have an orange. I drank and nearly finished my water bottle. I knew I still had half of another and 2.5 miles to go. I found a bag of nuts (thank god!) and gobbled it up. 

All I wanted to do at this point is make it back to my car and go home. The hike was beautiful but I was bummed I took the wrong course and I also ended up going 800 ft higher in elevation. I was tired and hungry and feeling the starts of blisters. It's not that I hadn't hiked this much before. I just didn't prepare for this detour.

My phone had been tracking my miles and died 30 minutes and one mile before I made it back to my car. But I made it back. I drank the rest of my water. I drove home and immediately took a shower. Dinner was the same as last night; soup and chicken.I had cottage cheese, grapes and honey as dessert.

I was dehydrated so I currently have a headache that I'm trying to drown with water. The reason I did this hike was in part to make up for my lack of exercise from yesterday and part of it was to remind myself that I can do strenuous hikes again. I was happy I did so well despite not having enough food. My feet are ok. The warm spots on the balls of my feet are already feeling better and I'm not that tired. Just disappointed that I didn't make it to my destination. I guess I'm going to have to try again.


Now the numbers.

Breakfast: 598 calories

Lunch: 250 calories (the gel and 100 calorie bag of nuts)

Dinner: 766 calories (chicken and soup mainly. delicious)

TOTAL: 1614 calories

5 hours of hiking: 1800 calories burned

No wonder I got dizzy. I used up so many calories going up over 2,000 ft in elevation and sweat off so much of the water I drank I never peed.

LOL. Now it's time for me to lie down, drink a bunch of water and watch a movie. Believe it or not it was a good day.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Why you shouldn't wait so long to eat (CCS Week 3 Day 1)

Monday is my day off this week.

I got up late, had bean soup for breakfast and went in to town. There I had a latte and started writing my initial brainstorm on how to improve the outdoor education program I'm currently hired to coordinate. 

I was hungry and for the life of me I was craving roasted chicken and a creamy tomato soup. That's all I wanted. I went in to the grocery deli and they didn't have the soup I wanted! I was saddened and decided to go to the library to send emails and try not to think of creamy tomato soup.

Well I worked for hours, wrote my last entry about coconut oil moisturizer, and started starving. Finally by 5:30pm I went back to the grocery store. Bought fruit, yogurt, trail mix, a roasted chicken, and found two different kinds of creamy tomato soup on sale!! Woo! I just had to drive home, heat up the soup and eat!

However, the drive home takes 30 minutes. The smell of roasted chicken filled the car. I had half a mind to stop in the middle of the road and grab a drumstick.

But I made it. I heated up a cup of soup. I ate almost half the chicken in one go. It was AMAZING. I wasn't done though. I then grabbed some fruit, some trail mix and a lot of greek yogurt and had a huge fruit parfait as dessert. 

By the time I was done I was.so.full.

Here's the run down on calories:

Breakfast: 480 calories

Afternoon snack: 255 calories (the latte at 1pm)

Dinner: 1,163 calories (at 6:20pm)

TOTAL: 1898 calories

Exercise was simple calisthenics: push ups, inner thigh work outs, leg stretches and supermans
Burned: 125 calories

Lessons of the day: 

1.Getting the food you really crave is amazing. 
2. DO NOT wait so long to eat or else you go insane and eat too much!

That is all.


How to Make Your Own Coconut Oil Moisturizer Bar! (Weekly weigh in)

Happy Monday all!

I have been keeping my calorie counting streak for two weeks now and still going strong. It's amazing how logging everything you eat helps you lose weight.

Current weight: 206.0 lbs (-1 lb from last week and -4 lbs from last month)

Not bad, not bad. The more exciting news is that I've lost 0.5 inch from my waist. That's a HUGE deal for a woman dealing with PCOS and that dreaded apple shaped figure.

Enough of that though because what I wanted to focus on in this post is how I've come up with making my own moisturizer using coconut oil. This moisturizer doesn't make you smell like last nights dinner and best of all, it's NOT MESSY! yay!

Background info:
When I developed eczema last year I broke down. The only thing I've been consistent about is taking care of my already sensitive skin. Suddenly getting a splotchy, itchy, burning and red face and arms was killing me.

I was already reading about the importance of taking harmful chemicals away from toiletry items and learned how coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer. Now I had already converted to using coconut oil for my food so when I tried to put the oil on my hair as a conditioner, or on my skin as a moisturizer, it was messy and I could not take going to bed smelling like the dinner I had just eaten a few hours ago.

I looked up different ways of making your own moisturizer and learned how using essential oils can help. I also learned the hard way that you can't use tea tree oil by itself. It irritated my skin soo much when I tried that. I read that you're supposed to diffuse it using another oil, like olive oil etc.

For a while last year I converted to jojoba oil. It was awesome but really expensive. When I finally talked to a nutritionist about it they convinced me to use coconut oil again. More nutrients apparently. This time I had a plan though.

Fiddling with it I finally created a great coconut oil bar, that smells amazing, slides through my skin without making a mess or uses too much oil. In the end my skin is silky smooth. Mmmmm...

Here's how I do it:

First off I bought these great little round containers from REI. The plastic top pops off so the plastic is flexible. I'll explain how that's useful later.
First, fill the container with coconut oil.
I bought this huge thing of coconut oil from Costco. It's lasted me over a year for cooking and moisturizing.

Second, I put the container with coconut oil in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to make the oil in to a liquid. If the thought of microwaving plastic freaks you out you can heat the oil in a pan just long enough to melt it, and then pour it in to your container. 
Third, I add essential oils to nourish the moisturizer and make it smell amazing. I learned that you need to have a base (coconut oil) and then use essential oils to add to it. One essential oil will be the main ingredient and any others are add ons. You don't need to add much. I added 
15 drops of lavender, (I LOVE lavender.)
5 drops of tea tree oil,
 and 3 drops of rosemary oil.

 Do not underestimate the power of these oils. It ended up smelling a lot more like tea tree than one would expect. Because you don't need much of these oils those little expensive bottles can actually go a long way. I bought these bottles slowly and they've lasted me for almost a year, still relatively full.

Fourth, pop the top on the container and stick it in the fridge! Yup, you heard that right. In order to make the coconut oil in to a bar it needs to be cold. 

Fifth, wait until the oil cools long enough to turn completely solid again. I usually wait over night. 

Sixth, pop your new moisturizer bar out of it's container (this is why having flexible plastic is so useful) and you can slide the bar a long your body. The oil melts with your body heat and doesn't use too much of the bar at once. I usually just swipe it a long my arms, legs, neck and middle. I put the bar down and then rub in the oil with my hands. 

Stick the bar back in the container, the container back in the fridge and there you go! I usually use it right after I shower. It makes my skin feel soooo smooth. :) The bar usually lasts me quite a while. It just depends how often you use it. I use it a few times a week. I learned that I don't have to use it daily. The moisturizing power lasts a couple of days for me.


It doesn't irritate your skin. 
It smells great because you used your favorite essential oil smells. 
You don't use up too much of the oil at once.
It's not messy because the cold keeps the bar compacted together. 
You can use any kind of container because the melted coconut oil can be molded. Just make sure you can take it out of the container so you can actually use the bar!


You have to keep it refrigerated so it's cold when you put it on your skin. Brrr!
It's hard to travel with it because you have to keep it cool most of the time. However if it melts you can just stick it back in the fridge, later and wait until it hardens again.

So there you go. How to make a coconut oil bar. It's not hard and it's fun to make your own smell.

I admit I've gotten some good feedback on how smooth my skin feels. Try it. 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Calorie Counting Streak Week 2 Day 7: I made it for two weeks!

It's the last day of Week 2's calorie counting streak. You best believe I'm going to keep going to Week 3.

Today was a bit better. I didn't feel too stressed out, probably because I volunteered for the annual race. Races always bring out the best in people; supportive, active, excited, determined. I love races. I tried my hardest to keep my calories down. I did really well up until a half hour ago when I suddenly got really hungry and decided to eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

Here's how the cookie crumbled:

Breakfast: 537 calories

Lunch: 720 calories (fish tacos!)

Dinner: 55 calories (salad)

Snacks: 311 calories (again, my 'snacks' should be my actual meals)

TOTAL: 1623 calories

Calories burned: 566 calories (hiking!)

Tomorrow is weigh in and waist measurement day. May the weight-loss fairies decide to be in my favor.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

How calorie counting helped me realize my emotions (CCS Week 2 day 6)

Today was another over eating day.

The total calories for today: 1982 calories

I got a chance to go to town and ended up eating almost the same thing I did a few days ago:

I got another sugary latte, ordered sweet potato fries with a side of chipotle mayo as a dip. Those three things ended up being over 1,000 calories!

I realized that my over eating was all emotionally triggered. I've been tired and stressed and worried for the last two weeks due to work transitions and loved ones. Today I spent 3 hours applying to a job and almost 2 hours on the phone trying (and failing) to convince a loved one that they are worth it and not to give up on themselves. I was so drained and have been this whole week that I ate my feelings.

Will this horrible pattern ever end? I didn't get a chance to work out either. Five hours of emotionally draining activities literally took all the free time I had before I had to go back to work... and work with troubled youth going through drug rehab.

Tough week. I hope this mini binge won't keep me from my weight loss goals. I have one day left of week 2's calorie counting streak and I will make it!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

CCS Week 2 Days 4 & 5

Summing up two days of calorie counting. First off yes I'm still at it and I'm very happy to say that it's getting easier to do. I hope I can finish the week and move on to week 3!

Yesterdays calories ended up being a bit of a disaster. I had my food prepared but ended up eating from the group so I ate double at most meals.

Day 4 calories:

Breakfast: 699 calories (breakfast sausage can do that)

Lunch: 548 calories (who knew drinking a gatorade with lunch would add so many calories?)

Dinner: 528 calories (it was hamburger day. I ate two patties.)

Snacks: 232 calories (banana, peanut butter and honey, my "dessert" and a price to pay)

TOTAL: 2007 calories!

What a mess.

The good news is that yesterday I also got a chance to swim again! I waited a while to swim again because I had this nasty burn/scab that was healing around my ankle. It hurt to kick while I swam so I stopped. It's almost completely healed so I finally decided to go back to the pool!

Day 5 calories:

Breakfast: 467 calories

snack: 200 calories (granola bars that had some not-so-great ingredients in it)

Lunch: 408 calories

snack: 343 calories (I guess all this grazing could be considered dinner but it just wasn't)

Dinner: 171 calories

I had a break this evening and I admit instead of going to the gym I ended up watching 2 hours of Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I love this show mainly because the main character is a strong female lead. I also love fairy tales and am intrigued in how this shows mixes them together without making it seem too silly.

A part of me kept reminding me to get up and go to the gym but I kept convincing myself that I would just work out at home. I had dumbbells and a bike. I didn't need to go to the gym, right?

After I finished the last episoe I got up and looked at my profile in the mirror. It was a good day for self image and I felt like I LOOKED better. I even grabbed the measuring tape and measured my middle quickly. It showed a smaller waist. I checked the time and saw it was 7:30pm. I quickly decided that I would go to the gym anyway.

By 8pm. I was at the gym one hour before closing, and immediately jumped on the elliptical and did 35 hard minutes on it. It felt great. I realized that although I didn't NEED to go to the gym the routine of going was more of the point. That getting off my ass and driving 10 miles to the gym and jumping on a machine, diving in to a pool or snatching a couple of dumbbells there felt more like a sense of commitment and accomplishment than just doing simple stretches at home. I had to keep it up in order to tell myself that I'm doing something for my health. It was the act of getting my gym bag and deciding health over laziness. It felt great.

Sense of dedication and accomplishment

So I'm really hoping that despite my pig out on Thursday I can continue to lose some pounds this weekend and get closer to 205 lbs by Monday.

I'm so happy this calorie count streak is still going strong.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

CCS Week 2 Day 3: late and short

Back at work and limited wifi. I ate most of my calories before 2pm and ate dinner with the new group that arrived.

TOTAL: 1635 calories

Elliptical for 20 minutes = 210 calories burned.

Let's hope today is better. I'll log in tonight or early tomorrow for Day 4.

- w0rld

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That frustrations of the 'peek-a-boo' towel (CCS Week 2 Day 2)

It's been a good day so far today.

I ended up getting up pretty late but that's ok. I decided I was really craving a Starbucks frappucino. I was day dreaming about a venti something a ruther with whip cream and chocolate syrup. Sugar, sugar, sugar. The closest Starbucks to me is 30 miles away so I packed my computer bag, my gym bag and wore some comfy shoes and told myself I was taking a trip to 'town'.

On my way there I started thinking about how unhealthy it would be to drink such a sugary drink. Right before I entered town I took a detour to a short trail called Inyo craters. I said I'd go on a short hike before I ended up at *$ and 'make some room' for the calories I was going to consume.

The day was gorgeous for it. :)
Nice breeze and great sun.
The sun made the crater pool sparkle.

I hiked 1.2 miles and burned 205 calories according to my Runkeeper app.

I went to town and stopped at the deli. I ordered sweet potato fries and a chicken caesar salad. I ate half the fries and picked at the salad. I took the rest for left overs and headed to the coffee shop. By this time I wasn't really interested in the sugary drink anymore. I was still a little hungry and I knew that if I didn't order it now I would start craving it again later. I ended up ordering a grande salt-caramel-mocha-frap-light-no-whip-cream-please.

I drank it slowly while having a phone conversation. It was glorious. I was satisfied. I knew I wouldn't crave one again for a good long while.

I then, of course, felt guilty. Once I was done with my drink I drove away and straight to the gym!

I spent 35 minutes elliptical-dancing to Pandora's "Latin Workout Mix" ( you should try listening to it if you like Zumba music). If you've never danced while on the elliptical it's harder than you think. Or maybe it's easier than you think. It depends on your perspective. Either way my core and quads were burning a lot more than you would expect on the elliptical machine. Best part of all I was having fun AND my feet didn't fall asleep!

I was feeling great. That is until I showered and wrapped the complimentary towel the fancy-shmancy fitness center provides their members. (Yes, the closest gym is also a spa and apart from every toiletry item you could imagine being available in the locker rooms they also give you a towel to use. I take advantage of it.)

Every time I put on that towel I have the ultimate FAT girl struggle. It.won't. wrap.all.the.way.around!!

I call it the peek-a-boo towel and it frustrates me to no end.

So annoying!!

You might be asking why I don't bring my own towel if it bothers me so much. The reason is because although it bugs me knowing I still can't get a 'regular' towel to go around my round body it gives me a goal. If I can shrink enough to get a towel like that to wrap around without worrying I'm going to flash someone that would be a glorious triumph! Ha, ha!

So I keep using the towel. And I'll keep going to the gym. I'll also keep going on my hikes and bring out the dumbbells. Not just because I want to lose weight but because I'm slowly developing healthy habits. I can't wait to see what Elina looks like under all the flab. I want to know what my body is like at a healthy BMI. I'm intrigued. I want to see it so badly. So I'll continue working on it until she shows herself. And you best believe that towel is going to wrap around. LOL

Calories consumed today:

Breakfast: 471 calories (fruit salad with cottage cheese!)

Snack: 223 calories (egg frittata) 

Lunch: 594 calories (deli food)

Dinner: 170 calories (grande-salt-caramel-mocha-frap-light-no-whip-cream-please)

TOTAL: 1458 calories

Calories burned: 
Elliptical dancing: 343 calories in 35 minutes 

1.2 mile hike: 205 calories in 30 minutes

Have a good day everyone.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Calorie Counting Streak Week 2 Day 1

I ended up being so tired that after work I ended up taking an hour nap. My calories weren't so bad today.

Breakfast: 358 calories

Morning snack: 120 calories

Lunch: 526 calories

Afternoon snack: 97 calories

Dinner: 383 calories

TOTAL: 1565 calories

I knew that although I was tired I needed to do some sort of exercise so I went for a 25 minute walk.

I hope I can gain some energy tomorrow so that I can start swimming again.

Have a great week everyone

September Weigh In

It's September. Happy Labor Day everyone. It's Monday AND the start of the month. It's time to weigh in. I woke up feeling light and well. I weighed in soon after waking up and measured my waist and hips.

Current Weight: 207.0 lbs

I've lost 3 pounds since the beginning of August. I wish I would have lost one or two more pounds but I'm glad I am back on track after so many months of being in a stand still.

My measurements have stayed pretty much the same. 

Above waist: 38.75 inches
Waist: 44 inches
Hips: 48 inches

I was working this weekend so I didn't get a chance to post some of the pictures of my cooking.
I was able to make a simple vegetable chili. I put it away and now that I'm back from work I can start eating it again. 
I also got a chance to make my favorite pre-made breakfast. Egg frittata! 
I made it using my cupcake pan so I have small servings I can quickly heat up on the microwave. Every time I heat one up I start to salivate. They smell really good. LOL

I've been keeping my calorie counting streak and managed to go to the gym 5 days out of the week. I feel a bit tired today but I'll do my best to go again today. I did manage to go to the grocery store. While waiting in line I managed to take a picture of what I was planning to buy. 

In this picture there are: two cases of broth, ground turkey, eggs, 3 cans of beans, 4 cans of tuna, 3 red plums, 4 dark plums, 2 cucumbers, 1 zucchini, box of quinoa, 3 bags of frozen vegetables, cauliflower, green onions, bananas, cottage cheese, sweet potato cut in to fries, tomato sauce, and 2 onions. 

Most of this is becoming the usual things I buy. Every once in a while I switch the vegetables and change up the fruit. I buy almond milk and yogurt. But this was it for the week or so.

Hopefully I can continue working on eating healthier I'll log in again tonight when I finish counting calories for the night.