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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Last day of Week 3's Calorie Counting Streak: Quick Post

Today started out well. I said goodbye to an amazing group of young ladies after doing an epic hike with them yesterday of which I am still sore.

I was eating pretty healthy and even second attempted making cauliflower crust pizza. It ends up tasting delicious but the wax paper I use keeps getting stuck to the cauliflower crust. Next time I'm going to ditch the wax paper.

The only problem is that I couldn't ditch the strong urge to want to eat chocolate and ice cream. I finally told myself I'd go for a bike ride and then head over to the ice cream shop and get a small soft serve ice cream.

The second I started my ride I got a text and I eventually checked it. It was from my mom explaining that my aunt had died. Stop Everything. I turned around and on my way back found a bake sale. As I text my mom back and forth I bought a cupcake and a small cookie, donated an extra $5 to the sixth graders cause and went home. The cupcake didn't satisfy and I actually felt worse for eating bread. I don't even like cupcakes.

I was so upset over the news and over my immediate 'find dessert NOW' reaction that I eventually got myself to the gym and worked my arms and my already sore legs. I spent over an hour in the gym just trying to undo the dumb over eating I did and try to numb myself from the shock of hearing the news about my aunt.

I'm still in a bit of shock but I've been busy. I'm packed and nearly ready to drive 450 miles to the Mexico border to go to the viewing/wake tomorrow evening and the funeral on Tuesday morning.

Mexico doesn't hesitate when it comes to funerals. I had to act quickly.

I'll be out of town for most of the week. Here's the last day of week 3's calorie counting challenge.

Total calories: 1,880

Total burned calories: 501

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