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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How calorie counting helped me realize my emotions (CCS Week 2 day 6)

Today was another over eating day.

The total calories for today: 1982 calories

I got a chance to go to town and ended up eating almost the same thing I did a few days ago:

I got another sugary latte, ordered sweet potato fries with a side of chipotle mayo as a dip. Those three things ended up being over 1,000 calories!

I realized that my over eating was all emotionally triggered. I've been tired and stressed and worried for the last two weeks due to work transitions and loved ones. Today I spent 3 hours applying to a job and almost 2 hours on the phone trying (and failing) to convince a loved one that they are worth it and not to give up on themselves. I was so drained and have been this whole week that I ate my feelings.

Will this horrible pattern ever end? I didn't get a chance to work out either. Five hours of emotionally draining activities literally took all the free time I had before I had to go back to work... and work with troubled youth going through drug rehab.

Tough week. I hope this mini binge won't keep me from my weight loss goals. I have one day left of week 2's calorie counting streak and I will make it!!



Nanette N. said...

I realize I have been a lame accountability buddy the past few days. You are obviously having a bit of a rough patch.

Hang in there. I understand where you are. And as much as you want those things, life will continue with giving in. Life will also continue if you do give in.

The next choice you make about food is the next time you get to turn the emotional eating boat around.

You are human. It is okay. Be kind to your emotional self and maybe explore another way to nurture and comfort yourself that you are able to feel more proud of.

Nanette N. said...

p.s. will you shoot me another email? I can't find your email address to save my life.

nanettenielson at gmail.com