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Monday, September 15, 2014

When gaining weight during a weight loss journey makes me happy.

Quick early morning check in.

I woke up at 5 am today to get ready for my big drive.

Hoped on the scale and saw this:

Current Weight: 207.4 (gained 1.4 lbs from last Monday)

I've been feeling better somedays and like the fattest pig other days. I decided to measure my middle.

I've lost one inch above my waist.
3/4 of an inch on my waist
1/2 of an inch on my hips.

Would you look at that. Last year I lost 15 lbs and maybe 1/2 an inch all around. This time I'm gaining weight and losing inches. This is great news for a PCOS woman. Losing inches off my middle is like taking years back from my life.

I hope this tiny win can help keep me going today. I'm going to need my energy tonight during the wake/family reunion.

Have a good Monday.


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