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Monday, September 8, 2014

Why you shouldn't wait so long to eat (CCS Week 3 Day 1)

Monday is my day off this week.

I got up late, had bean soup for breakfast and went in to town. There I had a latte and started writing my initial brainstorm on how to improve the outdoor education program I'm currently hired to coordinate. 

I was hungry and for the life of me I was craving roasted chicken and a creamy tomato soup. That's all I wanted. I went in to the grocery deli and they didn't have the soup I wanted! I was saddened and decided to go to the library to send emails and try not to think of creamy tomato soup.

Well I worked for hours, wrote my last entry about coconut oil moisturizer, and started starving. Finally by 5:30pm I went back to the grocery store. Bought fruit, yogurt, trail mix, a roasted chicken, and found two different kinds of creamy tomato soup on sale!! Woo! I just had to drive home, heat up the soup and eat!

However, the drive home takes 30 minutes. The smell of roasted chicken filled the car. I had half a mind to stop in the middle of the road and grab a drumstick.

But I made it. I heated up a cup of soup. I ate almost half the chicken in one go. It was AMAZING. I wasn't done though. I then grabbed some fruit, some trail mix and a lot of greek yogurt and had a huge fruit parfait as dessert. 

By the time I was done I was.so.full.

Here's the run down on calories:

Breakfast: 480 calories

Afternoon snack: 255 calories (the latte at 1pm)

Dinner: 1,163 calories (at 6:20pm)

TOTAL: 1898 calories

Exercise was simple calisthenics: push ups, inner thigh work outs, leg stretches and supermans
Burned: 125 calories

Lessons of the day: 

1.Getting the food you really crave is amazing. 
2. DO NOT wait so long to eat or else you go insane and eat too much!

That is all.


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