On a Journey to Wellness

Come with me on my journey to losing weight, getting healthy and going out to meet the world head-on!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A good day!

I had a very productive day today. Got a lot of stuff done for work. I also managed to get pretty sweaty at the gym today.

The highlight of the work out was jogging on the track. Scratch that-- the highlight of the work out was a couple of hours after the work out where I noticed I feel great and my hip doesn't hurt! Sure it might be a little sore later but the fact that it doesn't hurt this late after my work out is amazing.

I made an appointment for the trainer later this week. I'm ready to get sore again. LOL

Have a good week!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Weigh In

After a half lethargic yet fully hopeful start to January I saw the effects of my lack of discipline (and start of a return to fitness) with my weigh in this morning.

Current Weight: 208.6 lbs

When I weighed in at the gym, (wearing jeans, cell, wallet, and keys in my pockets) it said 219 lbs. I knew that was wrong but then the house scale said 210 lbs last week.

With my start of a new work out regimen and a weekend of stomach problems I managed to lose 2 lbs. Not bad but definitely not the start I wanted.


It's amazing how many less calories I eat when the temptation of sweets is taken away. I've noticed a change in my skin for the better. My energy was low for a while. I felt achy. Once my stomach decided to rebel against me my energy actually replenished. Maybe the mandatory bed rest helped me out. Maybe staying away from milk and sugar is helping.

Before my stomach issues I had my first training session. The soreness has finally gone down but my core was on fire all weekend.

My stomach is still not 100% better but I have been able to get my butt to the gym these last couple of days. A half hour on the elliptical is better than nothing at all.

I need to feel better but I want to make a point to go the gym daily.
I want to stay away from sweets. It's hard this entire weekend I was craving things like donuts.
I want to make sure I fill my diet with fruits and vegetables. I've noticed I'm getting caught up in meat and bread.
I want to focus on personal hygiene and just taking care of the little things. When I get this lazy I can forget to do small things like brush my teeth or take vitamins. I want to make sure I make time for small things like that. LOL

Good luck everyone!


Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year/ New Me.... Right?

Happy Belated New Year!

As usual I always get excited in the new year. I have a new job. I moved to a new place, in a new city. I just joined a new gym. I went to my first personal training session.

Now my my entire core is completely sore!
Everything in red hurts something awful.
To top that I tried juicing again and my stomach started acting up. I felt better in the morning and went to the coffee shop where I asked for an iced mocha latte with soy milk. Once I finished the drink my stomach decided to stage a war against me. When I was able to catch my breath enough to stand up and ask the coffee barista what the hell was in that drink (she said it was soy milk and cocoa powder.. idk) I dragged myself out of there and home where I can feel horrible in the privacy of my own (new) home.

Stuck in bed. Blah :(

I'm still excited for my new start though! The fact that I'm this sore after a half hour session with a trainer is giving me hope that I'll actually get some results out of this. I really wanted to take advantage of being in the city and get help with my journey. I gained a decent amount of weight this holiday season. I know that if I work hard I can lose the recent weight and hopefully more. 

I hope I can feel better soon so I can head back to the gym. I want to create a streak of me going to the gym daily (full work outs or simple cardio on easy day). It just sucks that I had to fall ill now.

Good luck to everyone! Elina out... and on the look out for pepto.