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Come with me on my journey to losing weight, getting healthy and going out to meet the world head-on!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weigh In

Since I'll be leaving on a family road trip this weekend and won't be able to go in to the gym after today I decided to weigh in now instead of Monday:

Current weight: (12/18/09) 251 lbs
(not too happy to see I had reverted back to my original weight but it's only been a couple of weeks and I haven't started dieting yet so I guess I should be happy I'm at least maintaining where I am.. but still ...)

Work out Achievement: 2.75-3 miles/hour uphill is my current achievement. I'm hoping to improve on that when I come back from the Holidays. I've also starting sprinting/jogging for small periods of time.. Something I never do so that was exciting.

Goal(s): Hoping to start swimming and start focusing more time on my diet. That little 'surprise' at the scale was not a happy one. It pissed me off quite frankly.

In the end I think this past week was a start of what will hopefully become a habit and it also was more of a wake up call on how hard this road is going to be. I always hear about how hard it is to lose weight and get fit and although I was hearing them I don't think it really dawned on me very much. I think I'm starting to get a dim idea. We'll see.

I'll be gone for the rest of the month and hope that I will be anxious to start my new regime again when I return to the country in the New Year. Wish me luck and I wish you all Happy Holidays if we don't get to talk sooner.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

QuickGrouchy Post!

After being lazy in the morning and skipping my trip to 24 Hour I decided that I would sneak it in to my hurried 'to do' list for the day.

Remind me to eat something before, or better yet, after a rushed work out. I started declaring profanities to every slow driver, every car that cut me off and every jay walker during the rest of my errands after I left the gym. I'm a cranky monster when I'm hungry.

Get outta my way you damn minivan! I don't care you're coming back from soccer practice!

I'm currently recovering from a minor headache because of it. LOL. Oh and yes, I have eaten since then.

On a happier note I have now joined Spark People and after browsing all the applications and etc the site provides I'm getting excited to get started. Thanks Margee~ :)

Now I'm off to pack for my family holiday road trip and clean my room for the New Year.

Eat and rest well everyone!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Swimsuit is In!

Ok, so for those of you out there that don't know I am a big fan of two things (well, besides Italian food and movies) and that's dancing and swimming. Both of which I don't do enough of...
So I promised myself I would start swimming once I started my regime. The only excuse I had was that I didn't have a proper swimsuit.
I usually wear shorts with a 2-piece tankini but it really isn't very useful when it comes to swimming laps.. it gets annoying trying to do a proper flip turn and having your shorts end up at your ankles or your top riding up when you're trying to do a breast stroke. (Before you ask I will never wear a bikini and I have a thing about my legs/thighs so a regular one-piece isn't enough for me.. anyway...)

So I finally found the suit I've been wanting for years.. I ordered it online and today it came!

It's a swimwear unitard! LOL .. pretty snazzy right? I think so. LOL
I haven't tried it on yet so I hope it fits but either way I'll try to post a proper picture of it soon.

Now I'm excited and hope to start swimming really soon.

Love you all!

The Age of Soreness....

I'm not new to this sensation. Quite the contrary really; I remember very distinctly the few times I've truly worked my muscles hard enough to feel that "oh god" sensation when I stretched (especially since I could probably count those times with my fingers). However this is the first time that feeling has stretched out so long. Instead of slowly dying down now every morning, I stretch, and something new seems to hurt.

This morning besides my hamstrings:

see all those muscles being pointed? Yeah all of those.. (Nice buns right? I thought so.. That's why I picked this diagram. lol)

it's my abs.. I didn't even know I HAD specific muscles in that area.. but you know the whole idea of the six pack? Well the top four are burning right now. It gave me quite a kick this morning when I sat up suddenly, after waking out of my dreams of me and Jim Carrey having our own Christmas Carol (I currently have an obsession with Jim Carrey.. it happens.. but that's for another blog).

It's actually an interesting sensation. It's proving to me that I'm working out the muscles I set out to exercise when I use those color coded machines (and like I mentioned, a few muscles I wasn't aware I had). Though why they decide to use pink to signify work on the MidSection I don't know. After looking at all those 'get fit quick drinking this laxative' ads on late night infomercials with the ripped ladies and gentlemen showing off their amazingly tanned bodies and etc you would think that they'd want to make the mid section seem strong and ferocious.

If it were me I'd line those seats with Tiger print. Give it a more nature look. The treadmills would have zebra stripes all over.. the step ladder would have a mountain goat effect to it (maybe some pronghorn sheep horns to decorate it you know?) and the fan and AC can be those cool fans they have on the ceiling of the Elephant Bar restaurants... not to mention that the weighing scales will have a face of an elephant staring back at you.. but maybe that's a little too much.

A gal can dream right? Well I'm off to get myself even more sore. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sound of Music...

I don't know about you but I can't live without music. I'm not as extreme as people who take their ipods every where they go and even have it on while they walk down the hall from their office to the bathroom and back.. but I can honestly say that I can't really focus or concentrate on something without my cheap-o mp3 player.

This is then true of me at the gym. Think about it; The gym can be an intimidating place for a hermit fatty. I'm used to an 'outing' as a trip to the local Borders and mooching off their books and Seattle's Best Coffee.. lol.. So walking into a 24 Hour Sport with the giant TV screens with the football game and 'The View' on and personal trainers in red shirts with old ladies and buff guys throughout the place can be like a different planet. So we can honestly say here that being able to ignore it all and get down to the free weights (next to the big man with the muscles and sweat down his front) and the treadmill (with that lil asian lady who's done an hour and 30 minutes without a tint of red on her face) my lil mp3 player (that can only hold like 25 songs) is going to be my anchor here.

Problem is that I hadn't touched my lil mp3 player since the last time I worked in the Mojave desert.. back in May. So trying to power walk at 3.5 miles an hour to Jason Mraz and Fergie's slow songs wasn't going to cut it.

"Jason, baby.. this lil love song isn't cutting it for me. I need some beat here! I'm going to fall off this moving band under me from nodding off to this. Fergie, my sweet, you're awesome but put on some crazy remixes for me please!"

So I was smart last night.. I took my time to replace the music in there.. and by the blisters in the balls of my feet after this morning's sprint and my 'new record' from the previous post we can honestly say now that 'The Matrix' soundtrack, some Bollywood, and tango remixes (as well as a lil Daft Punk) were able to save me from noticing the world around me and keep me running on the 'mill instead of out the doors.

I do need to put in here that I'm keeping this information from my family/household. Don't ask me why I'm keeping it a secret that I'm working out behind their backs but just humor me that this is .. ummm... motivation to keep me going.. that said I now have to worry about my diet..

Any suggestions before I do something crazy like get on the 'green diet' or something?



The beginning

First of all thanks for reading this. It honestly makes a difference to know there's someone out there who cares atleast enough to read about my progress. It's a great feeling.

Any way before I go on about my goals and plans and what I'm actually planning with this blog I want to simply write down the data I plan on gathering each week: My current weight, my exercise achievement and my current goals.

I started going to the gym a week ago today (it's technically Tuesday, it's midnight.. yup it's Tuesday.. lol) a weighed myself after my work out and last week I weighed:
Tuesday, Jan 8th 2009
251 lbs
I worked out all week except for Saturday and including Sunday and now Monday.. weighing day
Monday, Jan 14th 2009
250 lbs
Taking in to account that my diet hasn't been altered much yet (i.e. man I had fun eating that brownie, that cake and those dairy products) and that most of my work outs have been weight training mixed in with treadmill style cardio I think one pound is progress..

I have been mixing up cardio with weights/machines.. and have been setting goals for the days I spend an hour straight on cardio only..

last week my high was completing 1 mile in 18 minutes.. not bad for me

Today, (Monday) I was able to do 1 mile in 17 minutes, 2 miles in 33 minutes and 3.5 miles in an hour..

Now I'll use that boring information to challenge myself.. get faster.. go farther.. endurance longer..

I'll update soon with more detail and less technical stuff. Wish me luck!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to w0rld's 'FAT blog '


This is w0rld4vamps and I've started this blog to keep tabs on my new 'lose weight or bust' regime I've started the December before the year 2010.

I've been overweight for most of my life (I'm 23 at the moment) and after finally being diagnosed with PCOS and a couple of other things I thought it was about time I quit my excuses and started getting my life and my weight back on track.

In each post I will write about my progress, my goals, my achievements, my set backs... in the hopes that it will keep me going, keep me hopeful and prevent me from giving up like so many other times before.

I welcome you to keep track with me, I ask you to encourage me, advise me and simply watch me as I finally move toward 'being better'

love and all that jazz