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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The beginning

First of all thanks for reading this. It honestly makes a difference to know there's someone out there who cares atleast enough to read about my progress. It's a great feeling.

Any way before I go on about my goals and plans and what I'm actually planning with this blog I want to simply write down the data I plan on gathering each week: My current weight, my exercise achievement and my current goals.

I started going to the gym a week ago today (it's technically Tuesday, it's midnight.. yup it's Tuesday.. lol) a weighed myself after my work out and last week I weighed:
Tuesday, Jan 8th 2009
251 lbs
I worked out all week except for Saturday and including Sunday and now Monday.. weighing day
Monday, Jan 14th 2009
250 lbs
Taking in to account that my diet hasn't been altered much yet (i.e. man I had fun eating that brownie, that cake and those dairy products) and that most of my work outs have been weight training mixed in with treadmill style cardio I think one pound is progress..

I have been mixing up cardio with weights/machines.. and have been setting goals for the days I spend an hour straight on cardio only..

last week my high was completing 1 mile in 18 minutes.. not bad for me

Today, (Monday) I was able to do 1 mile in 17 minutes, 2 miles in 33 minutes and 3.5 miles in an hour..

Now I'll use that boring information to challenge myself.. get faster.. go farther.. endurance longer..

I'll update soon with more detail and less technical stuff. Wish me luck!


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