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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Swimsuit is In!

Ok, so for those of you out there that don't know I am a big fan of two things (well, besides Italian food and movies) and that's dancing and swimming. Both of which I don't do enough of...
So I promised myself I would start swimming once I started my regime. The only excuse I had was that I didn't have a proper swimsuit.
I usually wear shorts with a 2-piece tankini but it really isn't very useful when it comes to swimming laps.. it gets annoying trying to do a proper flip turn and having your shorts end up at your ankles or your top riding up when you're trying to do a breast stroke. (Before you ask I will never wear a bikini and I have a thing about my legs/thighs so a regular one-piece isn't enough for me.. anyway...)

So I finally found the suit I've been wanting for years.. I ordered it online and today it came!

It's a swimwear unitard! LOL .. pretty snazzy right? I think so. LOL
I haven't tried it on yet so I hope it fits but either way I'll try to post a proper picture of it soon.

Now I'm excited and hope to start swimming really soon.

Love you all!

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