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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sound of Music...

I don't know about you but I can't live without music. I'm not as extreme as people who take their ipods every where they go and even have it on while they walk down the hall from their office to the bathroom and back.. but I can honestly say that I can't really focus or concentrate on something without my cheap-o mp3 player.

This is then true of me at the gym. Think about it; The gym can be an intimidating place for a hermit fatty. I'm used to an 'outing' as a trip to the local Borders and mooching off their books and Seattle's Best Coffee.. lol.. So walking into a 24 Hour Sport with the giant TV screens with the football game and 'The View' on and personal trainers in red shirts with old ladies and buff guys throughout the place can be like a different planet. So we can honestly say here that being able to ignore it all and get down to the free weights (next to the big man with the muscles and sweat down his front) and the treadmill (with that lil asian lady who's done an hour and 30 minutes without a tint of red on her face) my lil mp3 player (that can only hold like 25 songs) is going to be my anchor here.

Problem is that I hadn't touched my lil mp3 player since the last time I worked in the Mojave desert.. back in May. So trying to power walk at 3.5 miles an hour to Jason Mraz and Fergie's slow songs wasn't going to cut it.

"Jason, baby.. this lil love song isn't cutting it for me. I need some beat here! I'm going to fall off this moving band under me from nodding off to this. Fergie, my sweet, you're awesome but put on some crazy remixes for me please!"

So I was smart last night.. I took my time to replace the music in there.. and by the blisters in the balls of my feet after this morning's sprint and my 'new record' from the previous post we can honestly say now that 'The Matrix' soundtrack, some Bollywood, and tango remixes (as well as a lil Daft Punk) were able to save me from noticing the world around me and keep me running on the 'mill instead of out the doors.

I do need to put in here that I'm keeping this information from my family/household. Don't ask me why I'm keeping it a secret that I'm working out behind their backs but just humor me that this is .. ummm... motivation to keep me going.. that said I now have to worry about my diet..

Any suggestions before I do something crazy like get on the 'green diet' or something?



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Margee said...

Tell your family and friends if you can. Seriously. I wasn't able to fully commit to my weight loss journey until I "outed" myself. I was too scared of their reactions to tell them what I was up to, and it just created excuses whenever I was around the dinner table.

This time around I've told everyone who asked or needed to know (aka, I eat with). I have had such an outpouring of support, I felt way more supported than embarrassed (at needing to lose the weight in the first place).

The tools I use to eat well are SparkPeople and About.com's Calorie Counter. Livestrong has a good calorie counter too, but it takes you through a lot of clicks before you can add a food. SP is a great resource on what types of foods you should eat (what your diet should look like) and about.com has great info on the FOODS you eat, and rates them on an A to F scale.