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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Age of Soreness....

I'm not new to this sensation. Quite the contrary really; I remember very distinctly the few times I've truly worked my muscles hard enough to feel that "oh god" sensation when I stretched (especially since I could probably count those times with my fingers). However this is the first time that feeling has stretched out so long. Instead of slowly dying down now every morning, I stretch, and something new seems to hurt.

This morning besides my hamstrings:

see all those muscles being pointed? Yeah all of those.. (Nice buns right? I thought so.. That's why I picked this diagram. lol)

it's my abs.. I didn't even know I HAD specific muscles in that area.. but you know the whole idea of the six pack? Well the top four are burning right now. It gave me quite a kick this morning when I sat up suddenly, after waking out of my dreams of me and Jim Carrey having our own Christmas Carol (I currently have an obsession with Jim Carrey.. it happens.. but that's for another blog).

It's actually an interesting sensation. It's proving to me that I'm working out the muscles I set out to exercise when I use those color coded machines (and like I mentioned, a few muscles I wasn't aware I had). Though why they decide to use pink to signify work on the MidSection I don't know. After looking at all those 'get fit quick drinking this laxative' ads on late night infomercials with the ripped ladies and gentlemen showing off their amazingly tanned bodies and etc you would think that they'd want to make the mid section seem strong and ferocious.

If it were me I'd line those seats with Tiger print. Give it a more nature look. The treadmills would have zebra stripes all over.. the step ladder would have a mountain goat effect to it (maybe some pronghorn sheep horns to decorate it you know?) and the fan and AC can be those cool fans they have on the ceiling of the Elephant Bar restaurants... not to mention that the weighing scales will have a face of an elephant staring back at you.. but maybe that's a little too much.

A gal can dream right? Well I'm off to get myself even more sore. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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