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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That frustrations of the 'peek-a-boo' towel (CCS Week 2 Day 2)

It's been a good day so far today.

I ended up getting up pretty late but that's ok. I decided I was really craving a Starbucks frappucino. I was day dreaming about a venti something a ruther with whip cream and chocolate syrup. Sugar, sugar, sugar. The closest Starbucks to me is 30 miles away so I packed my computer bag, my gym bag and wore some comfy shoes and told myself I was taking a trip to 'town'.

On my way there I started thinking about how unhealthy it would be to drink such a sugary drink. Right before I entered town I took a detour to a short trail called Inyo craters. I said I'd go on a short hike before I ended up at *$ and 'make some room' for the calories I was going to consume.

The day was gorgeous for it. :)
Nice breeze and great sun.
The sun made the crater pool sparkle.

I hiked 1.2 miles and burned 205 calories according to my Runkeeper app.

I went to town and stopped at the deli. I ordered sweet potato fries and a chicken caesar salad. I ate half the fries and picked at the salad. I took the rest for left overs and headed to the coffee shop. By this time I wasn't really interested in the sugary drink anymore. I was still a little hungry and I knew that if I didn't order it now I would start craving it again later. I ended up ordering a grande salt-caramel-mocha-frap-light-no-whip-cream-please.

I drank it slowly while having a phone conversation. It was glorious. I was satisfied. I knew I wouldn't crave one again for a good long while.

I then, of course, felt guilty. Once I was done with my drink I drove away and straight to the gym!

I spent 35 minutes elliptical-dancing to Pandora's "Latin Workout Mix" ( you should try listening to it if you like Zumba music). If you've never danced while on the elliptical it's harder than you think. Or maybe it's easier than you think. It depends on your perspective. Either way my core and quads were burning a lot more than you would expect on the elliptical machine. Best part of all I was having fun AND my feet didn't fall asleep!

I was feeling great. That is until I showered and wrapped the complimentary towel the fancy-shmancy fitness center provides their members. (Yes, the closest gym is also a spa and apart from every toiletry item you could imagine being available in the locker rooms they also give you a towel to use. I take advantage of it.)

Every time I put on that towel I have the ultimate FAT girl struggle. It.won't. wrap.all.the.way.around!!

I call it the peek-a-boo towel and it frustrates me to no end.

So annoying!!

You might be asking why I don't bring my own towel if it bothers me so much. The reason is because although it bugs me knowing I still can't get a 'regular' towel to go around my round body it gives me a goal. If I can shrink enough to get a towel like that to wrap around without worrying I'm going to flash someone that would be a glorious triumph! Ha, ha!

So I keep using the towel. And I'll keep going to the gym. I'll also keep going on my hikes and bring out the dumbbells. Not just because I want to lose weight but because I'm slowly developing healthy habits. I can't wait to see what Elina looks like under all the flab. I want to know what my body is like at a healthy BMI. I'm intrigued. I want to see it so badly. So I'll continue working on it until she shows herself. And you best believe that towel is going to wrap around. LOL

Calories consumed today:

Breakfast: 471 calories (fruit salad with cottage cheese!)

Snack: 223 calories (egg frittata) 

Lunch: 594 calories (deli food)

Dinner: 170 calories (grande-salt-caramel-mocha-frap-light-no-whip-cream-please)

TOTAL: 1458 calories

Calories burned: 
Elliptical dancing: 343 calories in 35 minutes 

1.2 mile hike: 205 calories in 30 minutes

Have a good day everyone.


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