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Friday, July 1, 2011

Hiking it Off/July Weigh In!

It's July 1st! That means it's time to update my monthly weigh in. It's funny actually. This morning I automatically grabbed my scale (although it's not Monday) and weighed myself. Only after I weighed myself did I realize it was July 1st and I was SUPPOSED to weigh myself. Good deal.

So here it is:

Current Weight: 199.4 lbs (I actually gained a little since Monday and lost nothing since June, but with the craziness that's been going I should just be happy I haven't gained anything.)

Sure I wasn't too happy to see that my weight hasn't moved in a month. I'm also not happy that I'm mid way through the summer and instead of being closer to my goal weight I've been fighting to stay inside ONEderland.

But it's ok. I will keep fighting. I will keep moving forward. I WILL do it!

Funny enough today was also the day that one of my co-workers and I finally moved to the other side of the island to officially start work. I've been in Catalina for almost two weeks and have spent it all training. It really didn't have to last this long but we were delayed because we had to wait for a vehicle AND gather extra materials we needed. We have both now and so off we went.

I'll be spending half my time here on the western side of the island as I will on the main/eastern side-- the town of Avalon.

To commemorate our move to Two Harbors (the name of the tiny town on the western side) my co-worker and I went on a hike that a local/returning tourist recommended to us.

The hike was completely uphill and pretty steep in some places. But we did it and boy was the view worth it when we got to the top.

The west side of the island. Absolutely beautiful isn't it?

The guy who recommended the hike to us told us that people had the tradition of using extra wire to write their names on the wire fence and told us to go up there and find his. We did. At the very end and highest point of the hill:

Guess what the guys name was. LOL. He told us that a "W" sign meant "no work". Rob was celebrating his retirement by hiking a giant hill and writing his name with wire on the top of the hill. LOL

It was a great hike and we actually met a Texan who also made it up the hill. We chatted him up and practiced our new island naturalist knowledge on him. I loved his accent. LOL

Even though the weigh in wasn't what I wanted it's been a good day. A good start of work and a good start to the month.

Now let's keep this progress going! .. At least my pants feel baggy! That's got to count for something!


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We love you! You Rock! Meg & Kayla