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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weigh In: Pumping It!

Happy early morning Monday (at least early for me *yawn*). I woke up this morning and kept turning around to go back to sleep. However my weigh in anticipation couldn't wait. So I got up, almost killed myself stepping down from the ridiculously tall top bunk bed, waddled over to the restroom and weighed in.

Here it is.

Current Weight: 197.2 lbs (-5 lbs from last week) Woo!

Work Out Achievement(s): I was really hoping for a loss this week, especially since I hiked those long miles in the middle of the week and have been doing small hikes all weekend.

I haven't gone jogging since Monday and even that one turned in to a power walk/hike since I almost tripped and fell down a hill while attempting to jog this "easy" trail. Maybe I wimped out. But either way I survived and will hopefully bring out the running shoes this week.

Also, yesterday I tried kayaking for the first time! I didn't take any pictures during the trip
1. Because my camera isn't water proof and I didn't want to break it or lose it. And,
2. Because I was too busy figuring out how to turn the damn thing and go in the right direction I didn't have much time to take pictures anyway. LOL

It was an absolute blast regardless and in the end, when I got the hang of it I started really pumping it and gaining some speed. The fact that the return to the harbor was against the wind and I had to pump it might have had something to do with it but it was great. lol

Back from an awesome kayaking and snorkel trip. Tired but happy.

I stole this pic from the interwebs. This is an aerial view of Two Harbors, the small town on the west side of the island. This is where I went kayaking last night. Not too shabby eh? Oh and did I mention I live here for the summer? Awesomeness!!

In the end this week turned out to be very eventful and very athletic. I'm definitely feeling good.


On another note I bought a book that another blogger mentioned/recommended. It's called You are your Own Gym by Mark Lauren

I've been contemplating (and I admit, complaining) for a while now about how I want to do more strength training but I want to do work outs that don't require any equipment, or a gym. Moving around every few months has made my 24 Hour Fitness membership useless and in reality I think it would be cool to learn work outs that you can do almost anywhere. (Like the grocery store, or the cinema. LOL just kidding). When I saw someone had found this book I instantly went to Amazon.com and bought it.

I just received it this week and I'm starting to read it. I'm so excited to start it! It would be great to get stronger, more agile and flexible. Having some nice looking arms and glutes won't hurt either.


On the food front I've been seriously considering trying out going Paleo. Again, through my blog reading I've seen a few people who are doing the Paleo diet and I'm intrigued. Further in my readings I realized that a friend of mine had also "gone Paleo" so I asked him about it too.

Looking at the type of food you eat, what you don't and what the benefits can be, I really think this is the right move for me. The thought of giving up bread and dairy scare the sh&* out of me since they're my favorite foods, but they've also been my downfall. I'm sure I can be strong enough to change my eating habits. Plus, I like the idea of leaving processed food behind.

So to slowly wean myself toward the idea I've been cooking and preparing food that are mostly protein and fruits and veggies. I think that it's already helping me (as evidence of the loss this week). It's also given me a new interest in cooking. Learning to cook new and exciting food that's good for me should be awesome!

If anyone out there recommends any sites or literature I should check out on the Paleo diet, throw it at me. I want to learn more!

Last but not least last week I ran out of soy milk. (Tragedy let me tell you!) The little grocery store in this island town didn't have any so I opted to try almond milk. I love the dark chocolate almond milk, and I figured, why not try the original.

Can I just say I LOVE it! I think I'm converted. Plus I hope it can be part of a Paleo lifestyle because this milk is amazing! I love almonds too so it's like a little party in my mouth every morning during my breakfast cereal time.

I'm so glad I finally tried it.

Me + Almond Milk = Yumm

Goal(s): For this weeks goals I'm going to:

1. Finish reading and start practicing some of the work outs in my new book.
2. Continue to try Paleo style meals and see where it takes me.
3. Return to jogging.
4. Try kayaking again.
5. Look at myself in the mirror once a day and give myself positive feedback.

Feeling blue does me no good in this weight loss business. This loss really pumped me up and added motivation I sorely needed. Let's hope I can make it count!

That is all for now kids!


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Sean Anderson said...

Very, VERY nice!!!! Great weigh in!! Almond milk---Yummy! That book sounds very interesting!!

My best always,