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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Things Have and Haven't Changed

I went home for a couple of days this week. It ended up being a well needed break from island life, a chance to chill with my family, and a fantastic opportunity to get errands done.

This morning, after a day of binge eating (yes I admit. I completely over ate on Wednesday) I put on my old running shoes (my new ones were left behind on the island) and went for a jog along the old route I used to take my dog (RIP Lucky). The route is a total of +2.5 miles roundtrip. Maybe closer to three miles.

I remember that the route used to be a bit of a challenge because the way out was a slow incline the whole way. When I would finally reach the end I'd be tired and sweaty.

Today's run was a cinch. I got up there with hardly any effort and once I got to the top I didn't know what to do with myself. I literally said "That's it?"

So after standing around for about a minute I just turned around and headed back. Easiest jog I've done in a while.

It's amazing how things change. How things that were once hard and extreme are now a walk in the park.

Of course that nice jog came with a price. I had decided to wear shorts (I NEVER wear shorts) and a sleeveless shirt (I NEVER wear sleeveless shirts in public) as my workout outfit, thinking "Hey it's summer, and no one knows me anymore. I'll wear what I want."

However, what I didn't anticipate was that my shorts kept riding up my inner thighs the whole time I was jogging. In order to not stop and pull my shorts down every minute I started doing this weird leg movement to get my shorts to behave and lo and behold I misstep-ed, lost my balance and fell.

BAM. I scraped my hands and my left knee. The same knee that got hit the last time I tripped and fell.

It pretty much reminded me how much things HAVEN'T changed on this journey. I'm still a klutz. I'm still lazy and I still binge when I'm home.

I never quit just because of a few scrapes. (I brushed myself off and kept jogging of course)
I like to think of myself as a "recovering procrastinator."
and I'm learning to control my urges, one day at a time.

Today was a good reminder day. My knee definitely doesn't let me forget. Over all it was a great day.

I'm back on the island now. Back on track. Back on top!

Have a great week everyone!


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