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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bumps (& scrapes) on the Journey to Wellness

*this post was inspired by a post from the blog that introduced me to the "blogging world" and brought me this far *


A couple of nights ago I was swimming.

This was the night I decided I would really go for it and make a new record... and I did.

I swam 49 laps in 49 minutes. I was ECSTATIC!

I walked out of the pool feeling preeety cool:

But then tragedy struck. SLIP! Woop! BAM!!

I slipped and fell:

The men in the pool with me were worried. I waved it off and said it was just a scrape... but that didn't stop me from complaining like a baby by the time I reached the showers:

"hisss~ Aaaah.. dam***, sh**, you freaken klutz!"

My earlier high quickly diminished and sadness swept in:

But after a shower and a few minutes of complaining I told myself to stop acting like a baby.

Be strong!:

So I put some ointment that I found in my first aid kit:

I brushed my hair and my teeth:

I put on my lucky socks:

"Oh Yeah!"

Laughed it off and told myself this is just one small price to pay for getting healthy and well.

I put a smile on my face (and popped an advil LOL) and went to "town" for some soup and some company!:

I can do it!! You can too!



Kate Ehrenholm said...

It's been much fun reading your blog. You doing excellently. Keep up the great work! *hugs*

P.S. Those socks are amazing. Just saying. :D

Brandon McCloskey said...

lol I love your sense of humor Elina!! Keep up the good fight!!

zombiekim said...

Love the pictures! XD

Victoria said...

You inspire me! <3

Jen said...

I'm loving the optimism! Hope you feel better soon! You definitely should give it some rest but if the wound doesn't look good after having been in the pool maybe you should try that clear Neosporin seal that you can still go in the water with, it's water-proof I'm guessing. You should ice and elevate it prior to that though, if you haven't already. Always remember RICE (rest, ice, compress and elevate). Rest until it doesn't hurt but don't immobilize it -that's the worst you can do. Ice it for about 15-20 mins. Compress it with a bandage if you have one, & elevate injured area above heart.