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Monday, November 8, 2010

Weigh In

I woke up this morning, groggy and not necessarily in a great mood knowing that today was my weigh in day. All week I kept crossing my fingers and bouncing up and down like a little girl hoping that the scale would give me good news,

"Please 226! Please let me be near 226 or 227. That's all I ask!"

I finally got out the scale (and my glasses and my headlamp because the freaken scale I bought ended up being incredibly hard to read!) and got a pleasant surprise:

Current Weight: 223 lbs (Holy Sh**! Was that right? I had to weigh myself 4 times to believe it but yes that's what it said!)

I couldn't believe the scale this morning but I'm Soo Pleased that this new work out regime is working for me. Which brings me to

Work Out Achievement(s): Last night was the most successful swim I've had since I started. I swam 45 laps without taking ONE break. I came up with a new way of chanting/keeping track of what number I was on (before I kept getting distracted by my own thoughts and would doubt what number I was on, making me do double laps sometimes..maybe. LOL) and it worked so well it became some sort of meditation.

My mind was so clear, my movements felt so smooth, and I knew EXACTLY what number I was on and how many I had left. My breathing was controlled. If someone walked in to the pool area I never noticed, I was so in-tuned with what I was doing.

This is my own picture of the pool I visit every night. This is through the fence that separates it from the "general public."

This weekend this little village had a celebration called "Old West Days" complete with a Craft Show, Line Dancing, old Cowboys and Country Music.

This is the stage where most of the celebrations were held. This was the day after the main events ended.

The place was packed and I happened to have company in the pool on Friday and Saturday nights.

When I finished my laps Friday night I got out of the pool and chit chatted with the couple that were in there with me (I didn't notice they were in there until my second to last lap) and felt a surge of pride when the girl told me,
"Oh yeah this town is cute but we were both mainly amazed at you swimming laps! My husband here told me, 'That girl has been swimming since before we got here and she STILL hasn't stopped once.'"

I laughed at this and told them my plan that once I moved there I needed to find a way to work out and how I made the decision to start swimming and add a lap every day. They seemed impressed. It made me happy that they didn't think I was crazy and that I wasn't the only one who thought I was making good progress.

I smiled and thanked them.

The next night I went swimming a little early. It started raining and even I noticed the lightning. This didn't stop me from continuing but it definitely left me the pool to myself. So when I finished I was surprised to see that the same husband from the night before was in the pool by himself and enthusiastically asked me what lap I was on,

"44. I'm done."
"Yeah. I kind of went for it tonight. *pause* Well goodnight!"
"Oh. Goodnight."
He seemed a little disappointed that he missed the show I think. Aw well. LOL.

Goals: So with this happy note I'm really hoping to continue my regime of swimming (I want to reach 50 laps and then I'm finally going to switch it up I think).

I was looking at some of my fellow Bloggers and decided that I should make a post about the food I'm eating, pictures and all. :)

I've been really bad about counting calories for a while now and instead I've simply been trying to be conscious of calories in the food I buy and portion control. I thought it would be a nice project to take pictures of the food I eat and take account that way.. at least once. lol

Other than that I'm hoping that by keeping this course I could lose 3-4 lbs by next week. By doing so I'll finally go back to the 30 lbs lost mark. I'd be so THRILLED if that happened.

What am I saying? It WILL happen! Maybe not by next week but definitely (hopefully) by the end of the month!

Wish me luck and I hope your Monday is as full as self satisfaction as mine is becoming!


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midlife_swimmer said...

ok.... at the first sign of thunder or lightning get off the pool deck out of the pool and not standing in water, put on rubber soled shoes. SERIOUS business!