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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remembering the Little Things

Today I was (still am) in "town" re-stocking food & etc for the week and I started having fun remembering all the little things the classes and articles I've read recommend to keep you active.

Things like:

-Park farther away from the store and walk

-Use a basket instead of a cart to do your grocery shopping (when you don't have much to buy) <--- this is something I personally do because not only does it work my arms but it also keeps me conscious of the amount of food and etc I buy. It gets heavy fast!

-Make sure you read the labels and don't just focus on fat but calories as well

-The healthiest things are usually found on the outer walls and the more processed foods are usually in the aisles, so shop the outside first

-Don't go to the store hungry. (LOL <--- I downed a bag of trail mix right before going in to the grocery store)

The rest are just things I personally try to remind myself:

-Smile at the grocer and they'll help you choose a melon or similar

-Be sweet with the cashier (especially when the cashier is the manager) and they can use their "prefered card" for you when you don't have one and save you $5

-Lift at the knees not at the waist

-Run away from cheese!

-Don't ask for help to your car and instead show how awesome you are at carrying 5 bags of groceries and 2 gallons of water on your own to the back of the parking lot WITHOUT a cart (Oh Yeah~)

Ok that's all. Just having a fun day at the grocery store.

What fun and healthy thing did you do today?


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Raegun said...

Great list! I had a fun play session with my pup today - we played "tag", and the dog wins every time, lol.