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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walk it Off

I am not having a good week. Family drama, finance issues, health worries... all of these have been adding up this week and I've been taking it out on the bag of fun sized Snickers one of my co-workers bought last weekend. I knew those Snickers weren't helping.

On Tuesday I ran the farthest I've run in months and tonight being my other night off I needed to run again.

I jog/walked the two mile loop surrounding the camp.
I finished in around 27 minutes.
I started walking to cool off.
I kept walking.
I walk/jogged the two mile loop again.
I kept walking.
I walked/power walked the two mile loop a third time.

By the third time around I had cooled off enough to realize it was almost 9pm and it was COLD outside. My back started aching and my foot started acting up. I figured it was about time I stopped.

Each time I finished the loop I knew that I wasn't done, so I kept going.
Why did I keep going? 
With all the stress I've been accumulating it's no wonder that I suddenly upped the distance in my jogging. I haven't gotten faster but these runs haven't been about speed. They've been about stress relief and over all fitness.

I just want to feel better. When I feel overwhelmed, upset, tired, sad to the point of tears, and I know food is only going to make it worse I vote for walking.

I LOVE walking. Not jogging. Not running. Walking. It used to be my job. To walk a grid back and forth for miles. I loved it. I love it still. It gives me that sense of peace and reflection I can't get just sitting around pondering what I'm going to do next.

Other things that keep me busy are cleaning my room, drawing, and writing things down. But nothing clears my mind as well as a long walk.

I kept walking until my mind cleared. After my mind cleared I kept walking until I changed my attitude. By the end of the third loop (despite the cold and a couple of aches) I sprinted with a giant smile on my face and did a little dance at the finish. That's when I KNEW I was done.

When I returned to my room and looked in the mirror I noticed how my skin looked clearer. I love it when exercise helps my skin look better. LOL.

I hope this weekend makes things better. In the meantime my feet are still working, my running shoes are intact, the road is still there and the stars are out. I'll see you out there.


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