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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My walk in Olancha CA--Pictures!

So in my last post I promised I would post the pics I took in my "2 hour walk" I took outside of the little motel my group stays at whenever we work in China Lake.

First of all let's learn a little bit about Olancha, CA. Olancha is this tiny little place on the map.. Population maybe 300 or something and it can't really be called a town in my opinion. The motel we stay at is as old as the gills and I keep telling people it's that little place in the middle of nowhere you pass in the middle of the night where you tell yourself "*snort* I'll never stay there!".. well that's where I was. LOL.. (don't get me wrong this is the 4th year I've been staying there and in all honesty it's kind of grown on me and I actually really love it..)

The place is just east of the Sierra Mtns and just south of the Crystal Geyser company (I get my CG water for free! It's called turn on the tap!)

Ok, so early on in the week we only had a half day and the boss suggested we take it easy and just take naps or something that day because we've been working so hard.

Any one that knows me knows I Do NOT take naps unless I REALLY need them so I was reluctant. I ended up eating a ton at lunch and felt like a pig. I had been feeling guilty because it had over a week since I'd been inside a gym and so I decided to take a jog-power walk in the dirt roads just beyond the hotel toward the edge of the mountains:

This is the road just outside our cabins/rooms that heads toward the Sierra Mtns. This is where I started my little sight seeing adventure. Gorgeous~

The road winded toward the north and I followed it while trying to power walk/jog.. This is what I saw on the way:

The road I was taking..

It was completely deserted.. absolutely no traffic

In reality I was walking around a rancher (horses) neighborhood but it just didn't seem like it since it was so spread out


In the end I had probably stopped trying to exercise and started spending more time walking around trying to find cool angles and things to take pictures of.. so after about an hour where I walked until I met up with the hwy again I turned back and started walking back to the Ranch Motel.

I also had my mp3 player with me so I admit that I stopped in the middle of the road a few times to rock to some of my favorite songs.. what?! No one was out there (unless the ranchers were looking at me through binoculars) so who cares right? lol

I ended up going up hill a tiny bit to check out the California aqueduct that flowed right outside the motel:

and I also considered heading up toward the mountains a bit more but I changed my mind. The road was incredibly tempting though:

in the end I decided to go back to the motel. I was happy, walked out, danced out and my eyes had drunk up the greatness around me. I didn't even mind the cloudy day since it made the weather perfect for my little adventure

So I said goodbye to the aqueduct and returned back to my room. Where I spent the rest of the day taking a nap (lol.. yes yes I did but I deserved it. I was tired as hell at the end of the walk)and enjoyed my pictures. lol

Who says exercise has to be droll and boring?


ps. speaking of work outs I went to the gym this morning and it's confirmed that I'm 230 lbs and worked on cardio until I was drenched in sweat. Rock On!

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Brandon McCloskey said...

You rock Elina!! Keep up the good work! I realized after I had a kick ass workout last night that I'm not putting enough into it. THere is enough work there but I'm not putting alot into it. Like the bike, last night I pumped from my normal 80rpm to about 90-100rpms and the treadmill I forced myself to go 4mph. I found that I was drenched in sweat after that. Whereas when I do my usual bouts I am only lightly perspiring so I learned alot about me :-)

Keep up the good work I have faith in you!!