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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today was a hard day

I have been trying to avoid the truth; I have been gaining weight. Despite all the doctor visits, all the personal trainer sessions and the food-diet change I have been gaining weight.

It says so on the scale, by measuring tape and the way I feel in the mornings. I had to own up and admit that I've been over eating and spending most of my time sitting down all day staring at a computer screen. A recipe for disaster.

I told myself that it's time to stop these shenanigans and get back on the wagon for good. Today I wrote down my weight loss goals for the next 6 weeks and decided to seriously start tracking my food. I decided to focus on calories but also the amount of carbs and sugar I eat since that was what I was supposed to look after this whole time anyway.

I did some easy balance/ strength training exercises early in the morning and went for a 2.3 mile walk this afternoon.

The goal was to keep my calories at or under 1500 and I was close. I ended up consuming 1610. The food consumption was the absolute hardest part. I had cravings almost every hour on the hour. I knew half the time I wasn't really hungry but I had become so used to constantly eating that it was soooo hard not to walk to the fridge and find the nearest thing to munch on.

I did eat chocolate. I did manage to go over on my carbs and sugar but slightly (I went over 12 grams on sugar and 45 grams on carbs). It's not bad considering it's my first day really tracking. But boy was it hard not to get a second helping of this or that. Or to mindlessly eat some chips or other random thing. After dinner my body was screaming for more. But I knew I didn't need any more food. I was just craving random things.

Today was day 1... again. Better to start now than never. I'm going to bed slightly hungry, and that's ok.

Until tomorrow,


Nikki said...

Hope that you've identified the reason/s why you are overeating. That's a big part of the equation.

Tracking, even if you are tracking food that isn't so healthy, is a great way to keep accountable. Weekly weigh-ins and tape measuring helps. You can do it :)

Debsdailylife said...

This whole thing is so stinking hard!! GRRRR..... !

Julie said...

So how are you doing? It's been a couple weeks now. I bet you've been sucessful but you do know if aren't you will be because you are an awesome woman.
I struggle every single day and am not sucessful but I'm trying. One day it will happen and be followed by another and another.
Hope that all is good with you. Take care and God Bless!!

Julie said...

I'm back, checking in on you. How are you doing?
Just wanted you to know I was here and making sure you're doing okay.
Take care and have a blessed week!