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Monday, August 13, 2012

I wish I were Overweight.

This weekend was eventful. I went to the dentist on Saturday for a consultation and left with three wisdom teeth extracted. You can imagine the changes I've had to make to my eating habits. I think it's a blessing in disguise because I now have to think twice before I put anything in my mouth. I have to force myself to eat slowly and in small amounts. I have to make sure the food I eat isn't greasy and not to hard to chew. I feel like a little kid. I also noticed that the over all amount of food I eat has gone down significantly. Am I hungry? Not really. Eating slowly really helps me find out how hungry I actually am and how full I have become.

A part from not getting to eat too much I have been spending some time playing Wii Fit. The thing has a body test you can take each time you play and besides learning that I need to work on my balance it continues to remind me that I am obese. My BMI is currently 35. In order to even get to Overweight I have to be under 30. Honestly, that's all I want right now.

I long for the day that I can step on to the Wii Fit balance board and have the little game tell me I'm overweight. It will tell me that I lost enough weight to NOT be in the red zone. That it will tell me I've worked hard enough to get away from the health risks, the physical disabilities and unfitness. It'll mean that I've worked beyond the depression and insecurities that come with the obese package. It would mean that I've finally passed a large obstacle and that I would be well on my way to what the BMI scale calls "normal".

I have never been a fan of the word "normal" but in the case of weight and health problems the word doesn't sound too bad.

One day at a time. Today I will do my best to work on my fitness goals. Whether it be working on my calorie in take (and washing out my mouth every five minutes to make sure I don't get an infection while my mouth heals) or working on my balance, or working on my hurt foot.

One day at a time.


Victoria Hilt said...

I think you are amazing and an inspiration as always. I'm cheering for you! <3 Also, thanks for the most Awesome of postcards :D

Dr. Wade said...

I sympathize, Elina. I started getting serious about dumping the baby weight with a BMI of 36, and I'm now at 33. Lost 15 pounds on serious Atkins (google induction, but basically it was all the meat and eggs you wanted, 4 ounces of cheese which was more like 6 for me but I tried to keep to hard cheeses, two cups of salad and two cups of other veggies per day, adding an ounce or two of nuts after the first two weeks). I went off Atkins when I weaned Bryan (the one downside I found was it made the hormonal moodswings worse), but even just trying to mostly low carb it, I dropped another five.

The good thing for me was I learned how to tell when I was hungry versus carb craving (which means you might eat some kind of whole grain carbs, but at least you don't overeat thinking you just want calories) and I dropped some bad habits (like the coke!) I know you've been flirting with Paleo, but really going full bore can help you make the transition. I will be going back on induction in September, and like you am hoping to get to overweight!