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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Victory on the Wii Fit!

So every once in a while, especially when my two year old nephew is around, my family turns on the Wii and turns on the Wii Fit. Even though I am completely against video games (In my opinion they are one of the main causes of teenage obesity in the U.S) I have to admit that the Wii Fit is pretty fun.

If you don't know what Wii Fit is it's a video game program where you step on to a platform and use remote controls to make a simulation of you do different poses, and run different activities and games, while at the same time it tracks your weight, your estimated calories burnt and even gives health tips. You can make simulations of your entire households and can compete for who does different activities best etc.

At the start of every check in it asks you to do a "Body Test" where it measures your posture, it weighs you and asks you to do certain activities that test your balance, your posture, your eye-body coordination etc. It then also gives you your BMI, and it estimates your "Wii Age" which is how old your body actually seems depending on your age, and how well you pass the little tests they give you.

According the game tonight I currently weigh 216 lbs, my BMI is 34.72, my "wii age" is 29 (mainly because I messed up in one of the activities it had for me) and it reminded me that I need to lose 4 lbs to get to my current goal, which was to get to 210 lbs.

It's a pretty fun thing to have and one of the main games that I have been literally sweating my bum off to beat is the obstacle course. The obstacle course is just that; a series of obstacle courses you have to run, jump, maneuver and race to get your little sim to get to the other side. It's timed and as you pass each level you gain more time. If you get bumped off it returns you to that level with your remaining time and you have to try again.

For the life of me I was NOT able to finish the final level no matter how close, slow, fast or hard I tried. Tonight I DID it. And I sweated! All it really is is walking in place on a platform but it was enough to get me riled up, competitive and yelling at the screen. Let's just say my little nephew was having a LOT of fun seeing Tia Elina going crazy and yelling at the game each time I 'died' or lost due to time.

Is it silly to be so excited over a game? Not when that game is one step closer to my goal. Not when I feel great when I finish. Not when it even helps me out and entertains a two year old at the same time. LOL.

So today I had a small silly victory. It was awesome aaaand by beating it I  unlocked the advance level of the obstacle course (that's right I was going crazy over beginner). Guess what I'm going to do the next time that game gets turned on. You got it. And you know what, I'm going to take it seriously because what's the point of having this great tool if you don't do it they way it was intended. You don't actually burn the calories if you cheat. That's not fun. That's a waste of time. And believe me I don't believe in wasting time, ESPECIALLY on a video game.

Got it? Good.

I'll see you next time for my next victory!


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