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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Late Weigh In: I need to wake up

Hello Everyone,

I usually update on Mondays but I didn't get a chance to get it in before starting work. I worked all Monday from noon until today (Wednesday) afternoon. Yes, my job is fun but working non-stop and even sleeping where you work adds up a bit. I'm ok with it (right now) but there is no internet at headquarters so now that I have a break I can update everyone.

Current Weight: 203.8 lbs (-1.2 lbs)

I lost another pound! I even lost a tiny extra which I'm happy about.

Let's see how I did last week.


Calories first.

Mon: 1442
Tues: 2390
Wed: 1718
Thur: 1974
Fri: 1362
Sat: 1474
Sun: 1408

So I stayed under 1500 calories most of the week but had a bit of a hiatus right in the middle. I am going through a bit of a sugar craving phase. I am noticing that I start over eating to try and get that sugar fix. I guess you could consider Tuesday as a binge day. :(  It looks like it might be something of a cycle/ re-occurrence because yesterday (also Tuesday) I did it again. I just kept eating trail mix in search for the chocolate-sugar factor. Tsk, tsk. I need to snip this in the bud.

Now work outs.

Mon: zilch
Tues: bicycling for 6 miles
Wed: 3 mile hike with group
Thurs: 2 hour off trail hike miles unknown
Fri: 2.5 mile walk/hike
Sat: 8 mile hike :)
Sun: 2.5 mile walk

I admit that by the end of last week I've gotten really lazy/sleepy. I also admit that's one of the reasons why I didn't get to do my weigh in on time on Monday. I spent most of the morning in bed, watching youtube videos of Ellen DeGeneres (I'm currently obsessed with her. Don't worry. It's a phase. It'll pass.) and when I started functioning it was time to go to work. However I still managed to work out most of last week. Saturday was my epic hike and I'll share a couple of pictures of that.

I live by the entrance to Yosemite National Park. A wonderful person gifted me a seasonal pass to the park and I figured it would be blasphemy if I didn't use it. So I went to a hike called "Mono Pass". It was a gradual 8 mile out and back hike that I was told had a gorgeous view of the lake where I live at the end of the trail. I had a great time, and even spent time fooling around in one of the smaller lakes along the trail but in the end I got a major head ache. I didn't drink enough water and my dehydration/elevation gain got to me. I spent the rest of the night chugging bottles of water and nursing some major migraines. Remember to drink your water!

My hike to Mono Pass in pictures. Enjoy!

I made it to Mono Pass! But the view I was promised wasn't there. So I hiked another quarter mile.

I found what I was looking for. :)

I saw this lake that looked like it was at the end of the world. I scrambled down and hung out there before heading back. 

The wildflowers are beautiful right now. 

I need to start swimming again! I stopped and I need to take advantage of this warmer weather.
I need to continue drinking at least 2 bottles of water a day. ~60 oz.
I need to re-start my toning work out. I only did an abbreviated version of it last week once.
I will continue going on my hikes and walks and keep it up for 6x/week
I need to stop these sugar mini binges. I need to get stricter and try to stay within 1200-1600 calories.

That's all for now. I hope the rest of this week will get better. I've been lazy like I said. It's 7pm and I haven't worked out yet. My skin is still a dry, cracky, irritated mess and I wait until sunset, dusk to go outside if I can help it. Yes, I'm hiding from the strong sun.

Good luck everyone and happy Wednesday. The bellybutton of the week!


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Debsdailylife said...

Youre doing wonderfully!!!!
Those pictures are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!!