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Monday, July 22, 2013

Weigh In: When Sweets Attack= Set Backs

Happy Monday! Last weekend was pretty hot. I had a lot of trouble staying away from sweets last week and my weigh in this morning definitely showed it.

Current Weight: 204.2 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

Boo setbacks. But can you see determination in those eyes?
I gained half a pound. Honestly it's not anything to scream about but I'm glad it wasn't more than that. This really sets me back on my losing streak this month. I was hoping to lose 4 lbs this month and by the looks of it I've only lost 1 pound so far! I really need to get my act together so that I can at least lose one more pound before the end of the month. If I can do that and then continue my streak I would at least reach my 50 lbs loss mark by my birthday in mid August. Sigh.. I was hoping to reach ONE-derland by then but that's how the cookie crumbles, and the chocolate chips, and the reese's, and the honey, and the trail mix! At least my measurements showed I hadn't changed. That's good news.


I definitely wasn't being careful about counting calories this week. It showed in my results. Let's see what we got.
Mon: 1637
Tues: 2682
Wed: 1545
Fri: 1664
Sun: 1790

As you can see I was going crazy last week. I would eat somewhat ok one day and go crazy the next day. There's actually a pattern. Eat ok one day, pig out the next day, rinse-repeat. THIS is what I call self-sabotaging behavior. I always do this when I get close to a new threshold. I was getting close to my 50 lbs loss mark and what do I do? I start craving sugar and start snacking like mad. I NEED to work on this. It's the same old story and I'm tired of it. Sigh

Now to work outs:
Mon: not much
Tues: 2 mile hike
Wed: 3.2 mile hike/jog
Thurs: ~4 mile hike
Fri: 2.6 mile walk
Sat: short hikes with mammal group aka not much
Sun: 30 minute swim, and 3 mile bike ride.

Also in my results I can see that I was being lazy with work outs. It all adds up. I ate way too much and didn't work out as well as I should have. I woke up more than once last week with a stomach ache and feeling bloated. I can't do that again.

I need to continue to drink more water. The weather is getting really warm. I need to stay hydrated.
I need to go back to my toning exercises. It's been two weeks since I've done them. Eeek!
I need to have a specific schedule on what and when I do my cardio. I'm slacking and it needs to stop.
I want to swim more. It felt great. I need to do it more before the weather turns colder. That lake is freezing as it is.
I need to go back to strict calorie counting and make absolutely sure I stay within 1200-1600 calories.

These weeks happen. It's up to me to make sure they don't become the norm. Good luck everyone and let's have a better week!


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Dr. Wade said...

Something you might want to look at for the fall and winter -- there are some good books/apps out there on interval-based strength training that include a schedule and that are typically ~30 minutes a day, three days a week, and which don't require a lot of equipment (as in a door with a doorknob, a towel, and a chair). You might look for Body by You by Mark Lauren. I've been able to keep it up for a month, despite the two small distractions I live with, and am definitely seeing an increase in strength. It is also a good system for keeping you motivated, because the exercises keep changing.

Good luck!