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Monday, July 8, 2013

Weigh In: Indulgence Week

Happy Monday everyone,

I had a great and very elongated 4th of July weekend. I had a guest visit all last week and I took advantage of him being there to take him to all the eateries I hadn't touched since I moved here and probably won't touch again now that he left. So when I weighed myself this morning I was actually relieved by the number.

Current Weight: 205.0 lbs (-0 lbs)

I maintained perfectly! I am sorry that I wasn't able to keep my streak of losing 1 pound a week but with the food I ate last week maintaining was an amazing feat.

Better news is that I also measured myself and I lost 1 inch on my hips, my waist and my bust! I lost fractions of inches on my thighs and calves. My arms stayed relatively the same. That's wonderful! It just shows that the scale isn't everything.

I didn't count calories last week. I was very mindful of what I was eating since I was eating out almost every day. I tried to balance it out with my other meals and I made sure to stay active all week. I managed to maintain and that's ok. Just to show you what I ate last week here's a nice review:
Two Saturdays ago I enjoyed a quiche with made- from- scratch  spicy hot chocolate

Last Monday I had a wonderful portobello mushroom sandwich and a beer tasting

Last Friday we shared a buffalo meatloaf (amazing!) and delicious fish tacos

That night we also indulged in a super duper chocolate cake. I still have left overs!

Things I didn't take a picture of; an In n Out burger, baby back ribs (I hadn't eaten ribs in years!), an ortega chile burger and sweet potato fries, and delicious ice cream shake that lasted me days, and gelato.

So yes, I indulged. I tried out all the foods I wanted and we shared most of it. I almost always had leftovers that turned out to be lunch for the next day. The ice cream and cake ended up in my freezer. I was actually thrilled that I not only didn't want to finish all my food but COULDN'T! I am definitely learning to pace myself. 

Now to work outs:
Mon: 2 mile walk
Tues: hike up a volcano and traversed the thing
Wed: toning work out and short walk
Thurs: 3 mile hike
Fri: Yosemite! 2 steep 3 mile hikes= 6 miles
Sat: canoeing
Sun: 4.5 mile walk/hike

I definitely stayed relatively active last week. Wednesday and Saturday seemed to be the laziest days and they were still active. 

Time to keep going.

Vacation is over. I need to get back to my lose 1 pound a week goal. I lost a week but I can still reach my long term goals if I start now. 
I need to continue to drink at least 2 nalgenes of water a day.
I need to start calorie counting immediately.
I need to stay active and work out at least 30 minutes 5x/week
I only managed to do my toning workout once last week. I need to up that to 3x/week this week.
Any of the leftover decadence foods need to be getting rid of. I got rid of the left over ice cream. I still have a portion of the cake left and I have a loaf of cheesy onion bread I bought last week. They need to be thrown away, given away or eaten only after a hard work out. 

That's all for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend last weekend and let's get started!


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Julie said...

Isn't it great to be able to once in awhile eat what you wanted and find out you just couldn't finish it all but still got to enjoy it. You did awesome and I'm so glad you had a great vacation.
Here's to a great week. Blessings my friend!