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Monday, February 24, 2014

Weigh In: Blood Test Results are In

Happy Monday,

My Monday has been pretty eventful so far. I think what I'm learning about living in Los Angeles is that patience and pre-planning are key. I was late to my doctors appointment due to traffic--need I say more?

 Last Monday I finally went to see a PCOS specialized doctor. She was really good about answering my questions and I finally got a chance to get hormonal blood tests taken to see what exactly was going on with my body. Today I went back to go over my results. I had many different tests done: FSH and LH for irregular periods*, thyroid, prolactin, overall testosterone, estrodial (estrogen), DHEA, hydroxiprogesterone, and cholesterol. I was expecting red flags all over the place but everything was perfectly normal except my cholesterol. My LDL (bad) cholesterol was slightly high and my HDL (good) cholesterol was a tiny bit low. The doctor pretty much said that as long as I focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise that I should get my cholesterol back to normal.
"Umm, wtf?"

*My periods used to be irregular before I lost weight. Since losing the first 30 lbs my periods have been pretty regular. 

I was actually disappointed/ surprised at my normal hormonal levels. In my head I kept wondering,
 "If everything is f-ing fine then why do I have PCOS symptoms in the first place??"

 The doctor definitely understood my confusion/frustration because before I could ask she re-assured me that even though I have regular testosterone levels it could be the way that my body processes it that I get symptoms. She re-assured me that by losing the weight I have has helped get all these things back to normal. She also reminded me that I still need to take two more blood tests, a glucose test to see if I have insulin resistance (a big player in my disorder) and a progesterone test to see if I'm actually ovulating (another huge player). So at least we ruled out other problems and now we have to wait for these last couple of tests to see where we go next. We talked over what would happen depending on what results I would get for the upcoming tests too. Things like going back on the pill and/ or re-taking Metformin might come in to play.

Besides being frustrated over my results I was really relieved that everything is normal. Losing 40-50 lbs really did help my PCOS.  It proved that my struggle to strive toward a healthy lifestyle HAS been useful and is still very important. These were also the results that I've needed to see to know that I NEED to keep going on this journey; that it hasn't been for nothing. The doctor kept going back to diet and exercise being the best medicine for my problems... surprise, surprise.

Wish me luck!
Tomorrow I have my appointment with the registered dietician/nutritionist. They asked for my blood test results so we'll see how that goes.

Other than that big wallop of news I weighed in and measured myself this morning:

Current Weight: 209.4 (-1lb from last week)

Measurements have stayed the same these last couple of weeks. I hope that by starting to count calories again I can start losing more weight more quickly.

My quads and glutes have been sore ALL weekend due to a major squats training session at the gym. I've been walking like an old lady since Friday.

That's all for now. Good luck all!


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Meghan Garner said...

Good! Was it because of you getting into a healthy lifestyle that improved your PCOS condition, or was it an unintended, but happy, coincidence? Getting fit doesn't only help with reducing weight and looking good, but also solves several medical conditions. And all of this thanks to your test results. All of this won't be possible without that, so possessing information is important in this regard. Good luck!
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