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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

37.7% Body Fat

That's me.

I got my assessment for this month done yesterday with the personal trainer. They made me hold on to that little body fat measuring machine that sends a small jolt of electricity through your body and depending on how long it takes to come back to the machine, determines how much body fat you have. The body fat analyzer:

The analyzer, analyzed me and gave me a jolt of truth: I am 37.7% body fat. My BMI was somewhere around 33.5 or so.

What a shock it was to see that number. I've used the machine before. Last month it said 39.6%.. 4 years ago it said around 46%.. but think about it-- 40% of me is fat? That's insane! And a wake up call.

I don't want my body to be carrying that much extra flab. It weighs me down and makes the rest of me work harder and break down sooner. No, thank you.

And all because I'm scared of losing inches. I've noticed that I'm reluctant to leave the 200's due to my comfort where I am. But these body fat numbers scare me. I have to let go of what I'm comfortable with and work towards giving my body a chance to be healthy. I need to stop being scared of losing my identity if I lose the fat.

I need to remind myself that there won't be a me at all if I die from heart failure or similar. I need to remind myself that I will still be me, just a healthier and stronger me.

It's been difficult. I'm still pushing a long. This is the first time in almost a month that I DON'T feel sore. That just means I have to head to the gym soon.

*Picking up gym bag and putting down the jar of honey*

Good luck everyone!



Debsdailylife said...

I love watching my numbers go down!! Ive been stuck at the obese/overweight line for a lONG time!! Fear of failure or fear of success, not sure which it is!

Diana said...

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