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Monday, February 17, 2014

Weigh In: Confusion, Confusion

I am really confused right now and I'm not sure how to feel about my weight loss efforts.

I have gained so much weight and yet my measurements are stable. Before the scale was going down but my measurements yo-yoed up and down.

Current Weight: 210.4 lbs

I measure myself every week an my measurements are smaller than they were at the beginning of the month when I weighed 206 lbs.

I hope that this means that my strength training work outs are working but I really wish I had someone holding my hand and helping me keep my calories and food in check. Story of my life.

A doctor recommended a certified nutritionist Susan Dopart . I found her contact information and left her a voicemail. I got a call back tonight and hopefully I was able to talk to her. Hopefully in a month's time I'll be able to have a full consultation with her. Why does personalized help have to cost so much?

This weekend at the California Science Center
Seeing how much weight I still have on me and the health problems it's causing, I needed to know what was happening inside my body, so today I finally had my appointment with an endocrinologist. Can I just say it's about time I did this?

Maybe next time I'll finally take dancing lessons.


I have a check up next Monday. Let's see what's going on.



Debsdailylife said...

This whole weight loss journey is confusing!!!
Curious to hear what your nutritionist has to say!!

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Frédéric said...

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