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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm here! I swear!

So I was planning on writing this big fancy Weigh In post this past Monday. Talking about how I went to the gym at 4:45 a.m... to find it closed (outrage! I mean it's called a 24 Hour Fitness for a Reason!!) that ended up infuriating me more when I weighed myself and saw that the entire previous week of me going for a walk every day after field work (which was hard to do especially since I was so tired and we kept working an extra hour every day to get our work done.. but I freaken' did it!) hadn't worked in my favor; which ended up making me do the hardest, sweatiest, hard-core work out I'd done in a while (not to mention I got to talk to this cute geeky nerd outside the 24 hour doors while we waited for the staff to open the doors at 5 a.m.) and ended up having a good day after all.

But no. I didn't post that Weigh In. And then I got home. And ate cake, ice cream, soda, juice and meat. Mmmm meat.

So then I didn't WANT to post something new because all I would have to report is how badly I was doing.

But then the weekend rolled around (<--- this is a pun.. you'll see why in a second)

My sister had introduced me to the film Whip It

and we both fell in love with the idea of buying skates (though we both preferred rollerblades to old fashioned skates since we thought we were too cool for school~)

and so I made plans with my sister, and my favorite cousin to go to the local Roller rink and try out our roller legs.

I hadn't used skates since I was in sixth grade and it showed. My poor sister gave up on the whole venture after she fell twice in the beginning and hated that my lil cousins (who came with us) were doing a better job than she was
"Some people are just naturals Girly! Cmon! Let's go back! Try it!" was what I kept telling her but in reality I was in no shape to be teaching others to skate since the whole time I was out there I had to make sure I kept my balance and not get too crazy in case I fell.

I never fell. And in the end I was able to gather some speed and even dance around a little bit to the music they kept playing... although my right leg was much more sore than my left and I need to stay away from rental skates (maybe one foot is bigger than the other but they were uncomfortable)

It was fun as hell! At some point the guy who gave us the rental skates came up to me and we had a nice little chit chat on pointers and classes they had and etc (Idk if this guy came up to all the girls that were having trouble but I like to think that my addictive smile broke his shell and pity to help me out.. lol)

What's the point of all this roller rink talk?

My legs could definitely feel it. I still have a wish to get back on the skates and learn how to get better.. Sadly my little sister no longer has dreams of Whip It grandeur and doesn't feel enthusiastic to return... but I do hope to go back~

Tonight I went to the gym.(2miles in 30min on the treadmill and a total of 803 calories burned when you combine elliptical with the 'mill) I Finally returned after a week of vegging out on the couch and catching up on True Blood. LOL

my favorite character.. I think I'm not alone when I say "Mmmmmm.."

There WILL be Weigh In tomorrow.

I hope everyones weekend was as fun as mine.


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Jacqueline said...

elina! i LOVED whip it and now am totally motivated to go rollerskating!!!