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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weigh In

Ok so I went to the gym this morning and got to weigh myself

Current Weight: 225 lbs (so much for losing 30 lbs but it's ok I made it there once I can do it again!)

Work Out Achievement(s): I was able to walk a mile today on the treadmill but it was at a leisurely pace so I don't know exactly how many burnt calories went into it today but it's still better than if I had done nothing and overslept so I'm counting this a success.

Other than that and the walking I did in Vegas I admit not much more exciting has happened yet.

I'm about to head out to the field again so hopefully that'll bring me back and keep me active. Gotta plan out my meals very specifically too this week... which brings me to:

Goal(s): So since Vegas screwed me over in the weight issue I think I need to just push myself as much as I can to get past this plateau this week. My birthday is this Tuesday and my goal was to reach 215 lbs by then. At this point in time I'm 10 lbs away from that.

I'm not saying I'm going to attempt to lose 10 lbs in 2 days (lol like that's even healthily possible~) but I am going to have to really push myself this week to get past this and leave the 220's behind me by next week and especially before September.

This means that the little cheating things I've been doing (eating an extra helping of bread at dinner and having the 'occasional Starbucks' because "well I'm spending all this time in their cafe at Borders stealing their wifi.. I might as well buy a drink so they don't think I'm just mooching and taking up valuable cafe table space") need to stop right now.

I need to be strict. Say no to extra helpings. Don't supersize my portions because "I'm hungry" and stop making excuses to not go on walks after work because "I'm tired".

I need to push myself and get past this wall I'm in. No more excuses. No more laziness. No more "aww cmon" or "I'll do it later"

To start this I'll probably try and see if I can jog the park that's near my room tonight after I finish all my errands for the day and the sun goes down a bit. (Reno is hot!!)

My 24th birthday is in 2 days. One of my long term goals and 'positive thinking fantasies' I have is seeing myself on my 25th birthday at a healthy weight in a beach with a giant smile on my face (and short hair) looking great in my wrap skirt and tank top outfit... something that I would NEVER even consider wearing before.

Something like that... minus the midriff showing off thing... yeah..

This WILL happen you guys. I can see it. I'm on the right track and these little obstacles that are going on right now are what are going to make it worth it later.

"Just watch" is what I keep telling myself when the other part of me gets doubtful.

Just watch.


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Jen said...

I love it, and I love you. You CAN do it, you've done it so far, there's no doubt in my mind that you will :) Enjoy your day amor mio, you deserve it! Happy birthday!