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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weigh In!!

So it's a day late but I'm here!

Let's get this party started (inhales) ok!

Current Weight: 230lbs (I shouldn't be surprised but it really was a blow to see this number on the scale in the gym this morning)

Work Out Achievement(s): This is where most of my news is. So after my last post I talked about my Whip It wannabe outing to the local skating rink and then finally going back to the gym that night where I ended up burning over 800 calories.

Yesterday I got busy not doing much and long story short I skipped the gym. So this morning I was determined to go (I admit it helped that right now the house cable, phone and internet has been temporarily turned off and I felt restless all morning in an attempt to read my Dexter book...) so I changed and drove to the gym.

I checked my weight. I did a double, triple and quadrouple take.. bit my lip, walked out from the lockers, chose my favorite elliptical machine, cursed the heavens when I found out my earphones were malfunctioning (you know when only one ear works and the other refuses to so much as attempt to try.. and it always ends up being the right ear that stops working in my experience.. anyway) and started the darn machine.

I decided that I would change up the program and do something a little different this time. I changed the resistance, the music and the machines program. I don't know if that helped but I managed to burn 454 calories in 30 minutes so that must be an ok thing right?

After that I decided I was going to challenge myself more on the treadmill. I started a healthy jog at 4.5mph with a 3.0 incline.. put my towel over the machine face and started jogging.

I told myself I would jog until the cd I was listening to finished.. and when that didn't feel like a good idea (since I was already dying after the second song but not enough to lose my breath.. just enough to make my legs burn) I told myself that I would remove the towel and see where I was in 10 minutes.

Once that time passed and I took off the towel to see what the monitor said, I got a happy surprise. I had just finished 1 mile in 13minutes 42seconds; the fastest I've ever done yet! And I wasn't even exhausted or completely winded yet!

With the happy news that I had broken a new record I continued my jog for a little while longer and finally stopped a few minutes later with a total of 222calories burned in 15 minutes... which I think is also a record for me..

I told myself not to feel sorry for myself. This weight gain was not a surprise knowing how and what I was eating this last month and that I had to look at everything else in perspective.

I am now able to jog for atleast 10 minutes straight; something that was absolutely impossible 6 months ago.

When before I had to stop after 15 crunches between sets to let the burn in my sides recede, I can now do 50 crunches in one sitting and go up to 200 crunches before I even feel a slight warmth in my abs.

I can keep up with one of the fastest techno songs in my workout collection and then beg for more of those crazy beats Ilove so much. (gotta love Techno!)

I can wear skirts. I have the beginnings of a figure. The person I see in the mirror usually has a genuine smile on her face and even strangers can sense that I am happy. HAPPY! Something that two years ago seemed so foreign, so far away and so fake I am now radiating in public!

Today was a day of Acknowledgements. And it's only 3pm. LOL

Today is a good day.

So it's the last day of Augst (eeek! I can't believe it!) tomorrow is the start of a new month. It's a new start for me.

I will be adding my new weight to the record on the side panel in this blog --->
It WILL reflect my lack of progress for this summer. But at the same time it's going to allow me to start over.

I have most of this month off. I have absolutely NO excuse to NOT be going to the gym, not eating better and not getting out!

I'm at a good start (a running start if you will.. hehe) and I think that if I can just work on going to the gym, and burning more than 500 calories each day, everyday this week. Just this week! I will be on a good start to getting a routine going again and slowly start to work on taking care of me again.

Don't you think? This is definitely 100% do-able.

I will try and report my progress more often on this blog to keep my head in check and not in the clouds with a bucket of icecream. LOL.

Thank god fall is coming. No offense to summer lovers but the heat has never been my friend, always makes me lazy, couch potato-y, and makes me crave cold sugary beverages and ice cream.

Fall has always been my favorite season. I like wearing coats and neutral colors. Scarves and umbrellas. The weather is cooler the foliage changes color and I *want* to go outside and step on crunchy leaves with cool knee high boots!!

(mmmm knee high boots)

It's an obsession I can't wait to indulge in again. LOL

Have a happy last day of August everyone!

If you have any suggestions on ways I can start a good routine either with exercise or meals please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm always eager for advice~

We can do It!



REBECA said...

you can do it... keep that determination and don't give up! I believe in you and you are inspiring me to lose weight to keep healthy for me... my weigh in for today is sadly (195.6) but I will keep you posted.. miss you much

Blubeari said...

I reeeally want to wear boots, but none of them go over my calves. That is a huge motivation for me too!! :-) Lately, the only thing working as far as taking pounds off for me, is long and multiple workouts per day. It's hard, but the payoff is so worth it, finally seeing the numbers go down even a little.