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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello Everyone,

So the last time I left off in a slightly better mood with more determination than I'd had all summer.

I admit that when I went back to the field (after raiding Trader Joe's for my weeks worth of food.. that was a pretty penny lol) I still wasn't sure if what I was doing was right. I ate a LOT of bread and cheese which I've mentioned before as my nemesis and although we did hike quite a bit most of the week I just DIDN'T feel any progress going on.

My pants fit the same as before and my breath was labored like before...

So you could imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and found this:

Current Weight: 221 lbs (I finally lost some pounds again but best of all this weight means that I FINALLY REACHED THE 30 lbs LOST MARK!!!) wooop!

Now of course this also means that in the whole up and down of it all I was only able to lose 2 lbs the month of July but right now that sounds wonderful . This is what I needed to get myself up again. A little progress that means a lot. :)

Work Out Achievements: So I mentioned in my last post that I was going to attempt to work out in my tent every night after work.

Well after the first couple of nights I stopped doing it. We hiked up to our work site in the morning and hiked back at the end of the day and that (besides the general, "climb through a fallen tree" and "pick up a bucket full of soil back and forth") was all the exercise I got a day.

I'm guessing those hikes actually did work ... and I like to think my positive thinking was also a factor.. LOL

Goal(s): This week I'll be celebrating my birthday in Vegas with one of my friends. I will try to NOT eat too much junk and not take in too many empty calories that I like to call booze. (I'm not a big drinker anyway but Hey! It's my birthday!) lol

My actual birthday is actually next Tuesday but I'll be in the field for the actual day so... yeah...

other than that I'm going to take advantage of the beautiful Las Vegas strip and walk the hell out of it. LOL.

When I get the chance I'll post the pics of my hikes through the Yosemite National Forest (not the Park) and Mono Lake that I did the days right after my last post.

Have fun everyone and Thank You. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and simply showing me you're there. It really, really, really, REALLY helps (really.. LOL)



zombiekim said...

Woo! Congrats on meeting your goal! I'm really happy that all your hard work is paying off. :D
Have a great birthday in Vegas. Try rum and diet coke. It'll get you messed up faster than beer or frozen drinks and it doesn't have nearly as many cals.

Jen said...

Congrats love! It's all about perseverance! You did it! & you can keep going I'm sure. Time to celebrate in Vegas! Have fun & dance your tush off for me =)