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Sunday, December 11, 2011

CDCC Check In/I'm in the Bay!

Hi Everyone!

So this week I'm going to be bumming it in the Bay Area! I got here last night and had a great time. Woke up this morning and looked at the scale..

Current Weight: 212.4 lbs (+0.8 lbs)

..and wasn't too daunted by the slight gain. Chances are the couple of "treats" I gave myself last week caught up with me. I'm pretty sure this week is going to help get rid of that.

Quick Update:

Exercise: I went on quite a few hikes last week. Four hikes with the kids, one of which was the major hike that took us to the local peak. It took me three days to get over my soreness from my new strength training routine and by the end of the week I ended up doing a less strenuous version of it so as not to pull anything.

Water: 4 out of 7 days. I definitely was not able to drink enough water most of the week but tried to make up for it by drinking tea.

Food: I didn't calorie count this week and it showed on the scale. I finished my last week for this season at work and we had to clear out the fridge for the winter. (The camp starts back up in January so I'm on "winter break") I definitely indulged in some extra food and called it my "duty" to finish my left overs. Was this smart? Absolutely not.

Support: Yes! I was finally able to go to some peoples pages and express my love and support to their blogs! I'm so glad I took the time! People are doing amazing progress.

This week is going to be interesting since I'm going to be couch surfing through out the bay area and (hopefully) walking around a lot. My lack of funds, my encouragement to use the primal form of transportation (that's called walking) and hopefully a trip or two to the trails this week will help get that number on the scale back down.

I arrived in the Bay Area last night and already had a fantastic dinner with friends (mmm Pho), a movie night, a quick flirting session at a starbucks, a twinkling gelato date in downtown Berkeley, and a late night attending a Holiday themed Rocky Horror Picture Show! This is going to be awesome!

One more week challengers! Let's make it count!



Tree said...

That primal mode of transportation should do wonders for you. Enjoyed seeing you last night....^_^....

upinthecosmos said...

Gotta love going primal... LOL! I've been forced to do that a little myself since my car died on my & I can't afford to replace it right now. Sounds like you are having a little fun, I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show... especially those late night showings:-) Just be sensible while having fun:-)

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Enjoy this down time. I think the hikes were a great way to exercise. Get the water in & you will be in business.

xakikox said...

Remember, it's liquid (without any extra additives) that matters, so tea counts! Yay! Plus, caffeine jump starts your metabolism a very small percentage, so that's even better! Keep it up!

Nanette said...

Wooo! Primal is the way to go! I don't have a car so It keeps me moving. :)

Couch surfing sounds super fun. I hope you're enjoying your time... and your Pho! :)

"KT" said...

Haha, love the "primal mode" thing. Those hikes sound so cool! Have a great week. :)

Julie said...

We call it no fossil fuel when we hike and bike our vacation. I hope you really truly enjoy yourself. Take care and have a blessed week.

Debby said...

Have a wonderful time!! Keep your head on straight and youll do great!!

lv2 said...

Have a wonderful time, good place to walk and lots of food options.

Betty said...

Have a good time and a great week. You´ll be down again in no time!



sounds like a great time:) keep it up and i am sure the walking will help you lose that little gain plus more.

Angela Pea said...

"Primal form of transportation" - ha ha ha!! LOVE it!

Enjoy your visit to the Bay area, and get lots and lots of primal transportation in!

Denise said...

Sounds like you will be having some good times in the next week. Get in some good walks and be mindful of the food intake and you should do great this week. Have fun and be safe.