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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello Virginia!

So my summer job has me training in Virginia! I'm working for this gorgeous camp outside of Roanoke Virginia and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's an international camp so the dinning hall food is organic, from the local garden outside AND vegetarian. Which is mainly a blessing but also secretly a curse, because if you know vegetarian dishes, a lot of them have a lot of bread and cheese involved! Oooh bread and cheese my nemesis!

One of the two hills I have to walk to and from to get to  the dinning hall.
So I promised myself that this summer was going to be the time I was going to seriously focus on getting back on track. I started a little rough but I finally started getting in the swing of paying close attention to what I'm eating, counting calories and WALKING!

This place is soo BEAUTIFUL! And so GREEN! The naturalist/biologist in me is fascinated and frustrated because I've never been to the East Coast before and I don't recognize the trees. I don't recognize the insects. I can't tell what kind of squirrels they have!!! I'm the squirrel girl! This is crazy!
Beautiful creek I pass on my nightly walks.

But for the last 4 days I've been going on evening walks and I have continued my promise to do pushups and crunches every night as well. I'm finally getting in to a groove and really getting a sweat which is making me happy.

I probably left my job closer to 220 lbs. My goal is just to be closer to 215 lbs by mid or late July. I don't have a scale while I'm traveling so I made sure to bring a few snug pieces of clothing and I'll just pay attention to how well they fit at the end of the summer. I'm also paying attention to how I feel. I usually feel pretty heavy and crappy when I haven't been working out and lighter and full of energy when I'm active. That's pretty much how I've been gauging my current success.

I'll be traveling a lot this summer, from Virginia to San Francisco, to Washington D.C., to Virginia to  maybe Pennsylvania and/or Boston, to Chicago and then back to Southern California so I'll have to see how my workout regimen works on the road, in hotels, in random cities and house hopping.

Wish me luck!


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