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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Hectic Storm and Hectic Food Choices

So last night in the middle of our camps "Around the World" night and RIGHT when my Indonesian students, all dressed up in their traditional clothing, were about to start a performance a crazy wind storm picked up out of nowhere and since we were under a circus tent we had to rush to find shelter and get away from the tent in case it collapsed.

Being from California and a desert rat (or squirrel if you get my meaning) wind storms (Santa Ana winds anyone?) are pretty common. Although the winds were stronger than I was used to and branches were definitely coming down quickly I personally wasn't in any panic.

However I didn't think to realize that people from Indonesia are NOT used to wind storms and the fact that it came out of nowhere really riled them up and freaked them out.

We spent most of the night taking care of shaken campers and by 11:30pm the storm was long past and only some of the staff was left me included. Because the lights had gone out, we had spent around two hours in a crowded, humid and incredibly hot basement with freaked out teenagers and we suddenly realized everything in the freezer was going to melt we decided to eat the ice cream that was in the stores freezer.

I had already gone over my calories that night and it was waaayy too late to be eating ice cream, but I still grabbed an ice cream bar and went to town with it. I knew what I was doing but at that point I was hot, sweaty, tired and wanted sugar.

Apparently that ice cream didn't satisfy because today, as we finished our workshops, went out to find all our lost belongings and ended up moving to a hotel (power is still out and water was down at camp) I ended up eating a countless amount of Starburst candies, a few sour gummies, and had three slices of pizza and two cans of soda for dinner. I haven't eaten Starburst candies in I don't know how long and I don't even drink soda that much anymore! So maybe this little hell storm really did have an effect on me.. One of unconscious emotional eating.

It really is a mystery how my mind works sometimes and how I think it's ok to just binge out on junk food when something.. unpleasant happens.

But I'm aware of my actions and I'm definitely planning to stop this "off the wagon" behavior before it gets worse. I have to be more careful with my food choices. This is definitely the time when I can simply go off track if I let myself.

I can tell you that I feel bloated and sluggish now. Why do I do this to my body? I don't know. Soda is such a horrible thing.. But I can't keep complaining. What's done is done and tomorrow is another day.


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Doug said...

Carbs lead to carbs.