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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Triathlon training complete.

Yesterday I completed my first triathlon. I stopped updating this blog, not because I had given up on my training but more in an act of stress. At the time I was angry and exhausted, unused to the new use of energy and unsure about what in the world I had gotten myself in to.

Instead of chucking it all I continued to work on my training, just not with the same intensity as January. I got a lot of bruises, and I had to borrow a friends bike because mine wouldn't work. I ended up going to a race preview in March and learned what the bike route was really like... on a bike. I learned that going down rocky trails on a bike I'm not used to riding is absolutely terrifying!

I eventually had to rent a wet suit and learn how to swim in it. I ended up jumping in my camps lake. I can tell you that wet suits are a pain to put on and a pain to get used to. I couldn't breathe or move well. It felt restricting the first couple of times I put it on. But after a few days of jumping in the lake I got used to it. There was only one week left before the race. It was as good as I was going to get.

Getting my trans area ready
Race day came yesterday April 6, 2013. I had been nervous, I hadn't trained as well as I should have. In my nervous state I started over eating like mad. I ended up gaining weight. I weigh the same as I did in January when I first started training. I didn't feel prepared and I knew I would need support for the day.

Checking the water before the swim
Luckily one of my housemates not only assigned himself to cheer me on but also signed up for the 3 mile trail run that was part of my course. (By the way, not only did he win in his age division but he won the whole freaking race!) His presence was a godsend since I couldn't think that morning and he had to be my brain and remind me that I had to register, set up my transition area, warm up, put on my wet suit.. etc etc.. LOL

 My race was a 1/2 mile swim, 7.5 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

Running in to the lake!
I started the swim and everything was going fine. I stayed in the back of my wave and slowly started passing people. The wet suit I had rented didn't fit me perfectly so water started entering the suit. This had happened before during training so I didn't fret about it. I got out and started jogging toward the transition area.

Once I got out of the water, I took my time getting ready for the bike. I didn't want to forget anything and the point was to complete the race, not necessarily try to compete against the veterans.

I grabbed my bike and my helmet and I started. The asphalt section went fine but once I hit the trail we immediately hit the "hike-a-bike" section and I stopped to take a bite of a power bar and hydrate, then start the climb up the hill. I didn't anticipate the speed other cyclists would have zooming past me. I couldn't ride as fast as they so I had to stop and let multiple riders pass me many times.

getting my scrape checked by the medic after the race
I finally made it back to the transition area. Parked my bike, took off my helmet, hydrated and ate another piece of a power bar. I started the run and I wasn't feeling too bad. My right foot was acting up a little bit (that plantar fasciitis is still making a presence) but not enough to be a problem. I had to hike up the first big hill right at the beginning of the run, and when I started the downhill I suddenly stepped wrong and in order not to twist my left ankle I put my weight to the right and ended up scraping my right knee. Better a scraped knee than a twisted ankle. I spent a couple of minutes rubbing and rotating my left ankle and then kept going.
I would hike the uphills and jog the downhills. I finally finished the last hill and rounded the corner to the end. I felt like I couldn't run any faster than a slow jog but I kept going. I finally saw the finish line right in front of me and sprinted the end.
sprint to the finish!

I couldn't really move once I finished and I had to ask the volunteer who was taking the ankle chip bracelets to take mine off for me because I couldn't bend. It was a good time. My parents and my friend were there at the end. I asked my mother what time it was and she told me it was 10:59 a.m. I had made it in under 3 hours! I thought it would take me 4.

With the parents at the finish
Because I did the recreational tri I didn't qualify for division awards, so I didn't wait for the award ceremony. We left before my time was posted so I still don't know what my time was. I do know I started the race a little past 8:03 a.m. and finished a little before 10:59 a.m. so I'm guessing my time was around 2 hours and 55 ish minutes.

It was an awesome experience and I now know I have a lot to work on. I think I'll definitely have to try again. I'm thinking I need to read up on proper training techniques BEFORE I start training so I know what I need before I need it. Like a wet suit. Or a proper mountain bike. Or learn what mountain biking IS. LOL

Until next time!


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