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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Transforming myself trough my Skin Beauty Regimen

On Monday I started a 4 day cleanse that is supposed to help my liver and hormones, suggested by my Woman Code book. The cleanse was pretty much a combination of salads, whole grains and beans and fish. I would eat a fruit salad in the morning, quinoa with black beans and a fresh greens salad in the afternoon, and vegetable soup in the evening. I would eat extra salad or fruit for a snack in the middle of the day. The cleanse had different menus and a few options to what you could eat that week. Since I was in the middle of work (and I live with the group that week) I just pre-made everything Monday morning and brought it with me.
I haven't been able to put it down.

It was hard to keep up the cleanse not because the food wasn't fulfilling or didn't taste good but because the group had amazing meals prepared and the weater was freezing! I don't want to eat a cold bok choy and green apple salad when it's 30 degrees outside AND I'm eating it out in the field. Brrrr!

I did ok until the last night. I couldn't bring myself to finish the last of my tasteless veggie soup and instead had a hot dog,corn and salad. I know, I know, why did I cave right before I finished? I was getting tired of my food. I know that it isn't a good idea to eat the same thing every day. But since I didn't have the option to cook for myself through out the week it was eat the same thing or eat a hot dog. By the end of the week I chose hot dog.
HOWEVER! Although I didn't follow it to a T (which I never do) I did see some improvement. I hardly worked out this week but I woke up each morning feeling light and good. A skin rash I've been periodically getting for a year now had started up again last week. With this cleanse and with me changing my moisturizer to jojoba oil it's gone! That is soooo amazing!

My face a mess this summer.
One thing I've been working on is trying to find different things to help my skin. This summer I suddenly started getting huge, eczemic-like skin irritations all over my face. It scared me. I had been getting periodic rashes and mysterious irritations all over my body for over a year but never my face. And for years I've been struggling with Hidradenitis suppurativa which is the worse pain I've ever experienced. It's also the main catalyst for me to finally start losing weight. I'm reminded of this painful condition every day since my body is covered in it's scars.

SO, because I know exactly how horrible and serious skin conditions can be I pay attention and freak out if anything happens to my skin that isn't normal. When I started learning more about PCOS I found out that skin sensitivity is one of the symptoms. Now reading Woman Code I'm finding out WHY and HOW my skin is affected by my hormone imbalances. With this new knowledge I've been adding and substituting to my already extensive skin regimen.

Let me give you a taste of my regimen collection. LOL. Each of these are things I currently use to help my very sensitive skin.

1. Coconut oil: I poured coconut oil to this glass jar and use it periodically to moisturize my hair and my hands now that the weather is getting colder.

2. Natural face scrub: This scrub is a product of Lush cosmetics. It's called "Angels on Bare Skin" and it has relaxing ingredients like rose, lavender, and almond. It's very soothing and leaves my face feeling soft. I changed to this from the apricot scrub I had because the harsh alcohol chemicals in the St. Ives scrub were irritating my skin.

3. Water: Hydrating is key to making sure my body and especially my skin stays healthy. Yes I sound like an advertisement but I've noticed it really works!

4. Vitamin E gel tablets: This is very new for me. I have started taking them as a pill but also open the gel tablet and spread the liquid on affected skin areas. I go straight to the affected area instead of wait for my body to absorb the vitamin and eventually reach the problem spot.

5. Salt scrub: I JUST made this scrub last night. Epsom salts, olive oil, a few drops of lavender essential oil and a couple of drops of tea tree oil to help with rough skin like my elbows and heels of my feet. I use it in the shower and not only does it exfoliate but moisturizes my skin, all without me using extra chemicals I can't pronounce. 

6. Jojoba oil: This is my far my new favorite addition. I bought this jojoba oil over a week ago and added a few drops of lavender essential oil. I lather my entire body with it after I shower and it's made my skin feel so amazing, my rashes have disappeared and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or shiny! For the Win!

7. Eucerin lotion and sun block: This is the original moisturizer and sunblock I bought when I first found out I (probably) have eczema. Since sun and wind triggers it -- and I work outside in sunny and windy weather -- this mild moisturizing sunblock is a godsend. It makes my skin look white but it's helped. 

8. Hibiclens cleanser: Hibiclens is an antiseptic cleanser doctors use before surgery. Because of my skin's incredible ability to get infected I use this cleanser in areas where I still have acne. The areas are small compared to the war zones I had during high school and college but the cleanser is very effective without torturing my skin in the process. This one is doctor prescribed.

9. Cetaphil cleanser: This was another face cleanser I changed to this summer when I learned I have eczema. It's mild and I massage it over my face to clean it in the morning and night. I use this one interchangeably with the Lush face scrub (#2). 

10. Face lotion: Another Lush cosmetics product called "Skin Drink". I bought this one when my face was still a red, irritated and flaky mess this July. Although I'm transitioning in to minimal ingredient products like jojoba oil I still use this moisturizer for my face. It has minimal chemicals and soothing ingredients like chamomile. It's also a heavier lotion that keeps my skin hydrated longer. It's transformed my face back to it's former glory and I'll use it until it's gone! I love it.

11. Scented candle: No, I don't put the wax on my skin. I'm learning that stress makes my skin break out in  to a crazy mess. Since I'm currently in the middle of finding out if I'm going to get my dream job or if I'm going to be unemployed in a month's time stress is definitely at full force right now. I use this wonderfully smelling candle to calm me down and force myself to slow down. My skin is grateful for it, plus I love the smell of these hand made candles from Idyllwild, CA. 

Some of these moisturizers aren't cheap. Lush is a great company but a bit pricey. The jojoba oil I'm falling in love with costs at least $15 for 8 oz (and that's cheap). The rest of it though isn't bad. I bought a giant container of coconut oil at Costco and use it to cook with. The Cetaphil and Eucerin products are found anywhere and don't cost more than $15. The vitamin E comes in a variety of amounts and prices. The salt scrub I made is incredibly cheap. Essential oils are pricey but they last a long time since you only need a few drops at a time. You can buy a scented candle at a dollar store. 
I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of Do-it-yourself products. I had a lot of fun mixing the jojoba oil and making my salt scrub. I want to try learning how to make my own face masks and maybe lotions. I like knowing what chemicals go in to my skin. I like the idea of minimizing processed products for my skin as well as for food. 
I felt great during my cleanse. I want to try it again. 

Enjoying the Idyllwild sun last weekend. :)
I wish everyone a great weekend. And please take care of your skin! 



zombiekim said...

I just recently started using sweet almond oil for my hands, undereye area, and sometimes body. I don't know how it compares to jojoba oil, but it is cheaper...$8-10 for a 16 oz bottle. It works great on my dry/itchy skin!

Debsdailylife said...

I just started taking care of my face!! Every time I do a challenge, Thats a lot of work! Your pictures always look so nice..
I always have this on my list, and when the challenge ends, I quit. I took some pics of me and my son last week, and I cried when I saw the wrinkles and aging on my face!! I called my friend who sells Mary Kay, and shes helping me!! I would like to eventually go all natural ingredients. But for now, Im working on moisterizing and feeding my skin!